Monday, September 22, 2014

This is a pic of Kris and I at liz hall's beautiful wedding! I am now up and about and getting better every day. I guess it could have been called the summer of discontent on my part-many doctors, er visits and three or four hospital stays. more info below if you d like to know. but I am surrounded by angels and vibrations so solid its incredible. I got out of the hospital 5 weeks ago-had to postpone all my engagements for fall and now slowly coming back to work. I have been having a vacation of sorts-eating amazing fresh food, sight seeing from my wheelchair, and  swimming-especially during the horrendous heat wave! My daughter Kristin had moved down temporarily to watch me-best nurse ever!!The outporing of love from everyone from facebook to neighbors is so gratifying, we even had food delivered nightly by the peace network ( and Amanda Hall and Kim Carroll )  WOW i have to believe this  is the good part of being ill. I appreciate it all and again everyone.As Joel would say this setback is a setup for a comeback
Oh and my birthday! I thank all of you who came,brought food, and presents-if I didnt thank you personally its because we get all mixed up at the end! I had two cakes!

So I am into changing it all up now-we're going to go online for merchandise-have small flower class on my patio

**** the first one will be SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 10-1
Simple watercolor flowers-most supplies included plus snacks! $100-email or facebook me if interested-we will hold this on my patio


Well the summer started after my lsat oral chemo round-manytrips to the ER-Finally determining my ammonia was low because of my liver tumors. I starting being unable to talk coherently or walk-my good doctor ( and neighbor) Monty and Paul my ex called the paramedics and I was in the hospital 10 days I think in a semi coma Then came the really fun part-Kristin came back down from Seattle and watched me and the only available course was hospice-I was really that sick! I had to be constantly cared for-walked, fed, everything! I was out of it for days. tThankfully I do not remember anything) Kristins friend Mike Eros came to help out from Texas and his was the first face I saw-Hospice had brought in a bed and I was really confused. Where am I? But you find whats really important and it has been a huge patience and gratitude lesson. Kris is so capable and her partner Sarah came down to attend to me too. I received cards you wouldnt believe, Im going to take pics and post on the flickr in their own album-look for the link on the right. ( It hasnt happened yet but soon!)Thank you God for all my angels and all the love I feel from all  of you-thank you for the prayers

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I promised irises-but found the one day flower on my cacti-it opens for only one day and wow is it beautiful-my neighbors gave me this plant-and hey-how about a California sunset shot from the pier in Seal Beach? I live in paradise!

I have started to update my calendar-( Look on the right!) if you live in the SoCal area or in Seattle and the environs please check it out!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back to Work!

I sincerely apologize for not posting for 2 whole months! Unfortunately I was in the hospital twice, started an oral chemo treatment and then my brother in law died unexpectedly! What a coupla months! But I am gearing up for a new chapter here-teaching a little bit to get into it again-hopefully starting some new ventures-
I am so blessed and I tahnk all of you who supported me or said a prayer-on ward and upward!
I will post about the upcoming classes soon-tomorrow or the next day? If I write I will be committed
I have been enjoying my garden and petting kitties and savoring each minute-realigning whats important and whats not and I so appreciate your support!
Ugh my photos are not available-will post some irises later!

Monday, February 24, 2014


For my local SoCal friends!
I will be teaching Letterista Gothic, (the next logical step after Letterista Style!) on Saturday Mar.8 at the Muzeo Museum in Anaheim-this is a really easy style of lettering-Beginners welcome-no special calligraphy tools are necessary!
March 8, Sat, 11-3:30pm
SFC Outreach Mini-Workshop
Lisa Engelbrecht "Letterista Gothic"
Muzeo, Anaheim
Contact: Kristi Darwick

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So the calligraphers of the Society have put on a wonderful conference-and I was so fortunate to be able to take a class form Yukimi Annand. Here are some samples of the work i did-but go to the flickr site for TONS more amazing pics from this class and Yukimis samples. I so admire her and her work and her gentle way of instruction-I am so inspired!




live Painting!
Massimo at work
ALSO I got to meet another calligrapher Idol-Massimo Pollelo! AND best of all-I got to do a live painting with him! There are videos out there -google it! and also a few pics on the flickr! It was a real hit with the audience-and so much fun-he is another one I look up to very much! So the piece was auctioned off and Gayle Hatton outbid them all!

I will be blogging about my new Letterista Gothic class on mar 8th at Muzeo in Anaheim-look for it soon! Definitely before next year!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Michelle's Lovely letters-Inspired by Ann Bowen
Yes It was a full 2 day workshop in the valley-where the most amazing artists converged to create beautiful Romans and Flowers-what a whirlwind-The artists were so great to watch. I took many pictures-but I am going to be getting more -here is a sneak peek! The second day the artists made Floral ATCS and exchanged-such fun!

Sooo go to my Flickr site right here\ and
Yes this was after only two days!

DeAnn's Sunflower!

check out more of these incredible flowers and Romans-such a great combo- Special appreciation to Carol Hicks for sheltering me overnight and Barb Close for dinner and organizing the workshop!

THANKS SfC for allowing me to be an instructor for the group I love so much!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yes Saturday, November 23 from 10-1pm we will delve into fun scripts, snow capped letters and cute easy holiday cards for this season! The class will be held at my favorite art store, Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster! ( sign up under the Catalyst tab at the bottom!) ASW is located in Westminster-right next to the 405 freeway! The cost is $45 and includes all supplies! Treats too! Heres a little sample of the scripts you'll learn. ( You can also call the store to sign up)
I'm getting ready for my Watercolor flowers class and Fun Romans for the Society for Calligraphy! I will be sure to post pics of this sold out workshop-Thx to my SoCal peeps!!

Friday, November 8, 2013


My Full Full November continued last weekend when I drove up the coast to Cambria-near Hearst Castle. My longtime SfC friend Annie Lawrence and her sister Judy invited me up-to teach funky letters. There were 21 great women who created amazing work-it always blows me away! First tho-I was treated to cocktails in the lovely creative garden of Vicki Greene-you simply must see her studio and tableaus on my Flickr at\. Words cannot describe this place!( above)
 Words cannot describe this place! -Cambria astounded me with its beauty and the friendliness of its people! Then on to dinner in the cute town-there was a scarecrow festival-every business goes all out and makes these displays in front of their businesses!

I stayed in Ann's studio-surrounded by her calligraphic wonders ( above)

Here is a small sampling of the creativity of the group-I am so very blessed to have these wonderful friends -and Im tentatively booked back in Cambria for 2015!

Monday, November 4, 2013


WHAT A wonderful weekend in beautiful Boise! I have never been to Boise or Idaho for that matter and I was just so amazed at how wonderful it is! It started out a bit rough with a plane delay that got me to my lecture a bit late -but no matter-everyone totally understood-I met my host and hostess for the weekend-they were so great! Karen and Charles have a beautiful house-they bailed from California to Boise and LOve it! Oh and I met their baby Bunny the cat-who was my new best friend!


The two day workshop was called Charming Chaos and it went really well! here are some samples -of course Ive posted so many more on this link to my Flickr page! my Flickr Photo site link is\

SPECIAL thanks go to Dave Kuwahara who organized the workshop for me-and took us on a wonderful tour of Downtown Boise where we saw the incredible sign work of Noel Webber-heres just a taste-There were signs everywhere by him!  he does incredible chipped glass gilding on glass too that I tried to capture but couldnt really-you just have to go there or maybe take a workshop form Noel at a Lettering conference soon we hope!

We then went to the Boise Museum of art where one of my favorite artists,  Kehinde Wiley had a show and an awesome exhibit by a fiber artist-Have I told you lately I have the best job in the world?? NEXT I will report on my weekend in Cambria-more wonders there!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Here are a couple pics of Pumkins I made and CC Sadler tangled-I was inspired by
Alisa Burkes blog-she so rocks!
go to to check it out!