Tuesday, May 1, 2012



My friend Julia from Sakura has turned me on to these new calligraphy pens -made with the same ink as Pigma Microns-so they are permanent and lightfast and they come in 3 sizes and 4 colors ( you can see the color in the above photo) -sweet! I demonstrated them at the Craft and Hobby Association show and while there she took a video of my writing the word Script out.

Basically I wrote out the word script in my handwriting-nothing fancy.  I double stroked the letters, and in that opening starting about halfway down I added some horizontal lines inside the letters, Then I added a little wing on the sides of the letters and then filled them with color!

I used the new Koi coloring brushes from Sakura-they come in loads of colors! ( Markers or gel pens would work too!) I scored a big ol box of every color-so cool. They are super blendable and really bright. I started with pink on the tops of the letters and then used the yellow below and combined the two colors to make orange! Check out your local art store to find these-they are pretty new -so ask your store to order them!

You can buy the new Pigma Calligraphers at Paper and Ink Arts, and also at John Neal Books! you will love them!

Here's the blog premiere of my script writing!


Pilgrim said...

Wow, I really enjoyed this blog and the video. I learned a lot and will begin to practice writing, I will be getting the calligraphy pens. Thanks so much.

Bev said...

thanks Lisa that was great
hugz bev

landscapelady said...

Oh goodie! More toys to play with - looks like fun and I need, want , MUST have them :-)

teri said...

love this

~*~Patty S said...

Beautiful and very inspiring!

Thank you for sharing...wish I didn't have to sleep at night I would stand a better chance at trying all of the fun things out there ;)

Susan said...

You make it look so easy, it really is art. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring, am off to practice

Susan said...

Hi Lisa.
What size Calligraphy nib was this pen? Thank you
Susan Jensen

lisa said...

the pen was the .30 size-the biggest size!

Unknown said...

Wonderful entry and video. What paper were you using for this? Thanks!