Monday, October 20, 2008


Hello!! Ive put a couple photos up of the LA decom-going to Seattle in two days -yikes!!
Then Quilt Then Art Bar! November 9th-Cool tools for Modern Journalers!
Go to the Flickr Link at the right to see the pics!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Art Supply Warehouse Signing! and Italy

Whew! A frenetic day yesterday at the ol' art store-they were so nice to let me sign books and demonstrate-that actually are carrying my book-and they are all so nice to me!! Special thanks to Teren and Wendy-I will be back tomorrow signing again from 10-2-should be a bit cooler. If you havent gone ( and are in Southern California) you must go as everything in the store is 25% off-and this means everything!! Through Sunday...The enigmatic Dan Jett was there as were my friends Lefty Fontenrose, his daughter Kristi, Judith Hicks( My best bookseller-mad props out to you for selling like a hundred books for me!!) Rachel Foster, Pat Bennett and her dear mother Jeanne, Sheryl from OCSfC, Vi Solis, and more-it was like Old Home week! THANK YOU so much for the support!
I have been talking to Mary Grimes about Italy and I thought Id drop in some pictures-It will be in May and you simply have to join us! -go to com or you will go to Sea Kayaking Italy) -This will be Fun Romans in Italy-where those lovely letters came from- in a beautiful fabric book. we'll explore etruscan caves and go to the vineyard -the open air market-make pasta-watch the sunset from the cathedral steps-sounds good? Join us!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


HERES some new stuff Ive been working on-I'm so crazed getting ready for ArtFiber Fest and the day after I return-Houston Quilt Show!
I am busy cutting fabric and making packets-so much to think about -and not feeling all that well on top of it!
I am definitely going to Boston in November -14th thru 16th ( Absolutely Farricker's amazing fun store)-but first a local class here at the Art Bar November 9th. Im going to separate my teaching gigs into Local and not in the next few days-the website is under construction-rehab for websites! I do NOt recommend Network Solutions for building your own site-its NOT user friendly!
IF youve been thinking of going to Burning Man here are some killer pictures of the last one-link on right-Scott London is a great photographer! This past weekend I went to the LA Burning Man DeCom-danced like crazy-I'll try to get some of those pics up soon
OH! go to Carol Parks website on the right-She has put my new class description up and photos of Momento Mori Book. That will be in January-the last weekend-you just have to copme and see her incredible art house-worth the price of admission for sure!