Monday, September 22, 2014

This is a pic of Kris and I at liz hall's beautiful wedding! I am now up and about and getting better every day. I guess it could have been called the summer of discontent on my part-many doctors, er visits and three or four hospital stays. more info below if you d like to know. but I am surrounded by angels and vibrations so solid its incredible. I got out of the hospital 5 weeks ago-had to postpone all my engagements for fall and now slowly coming back to work. I have been having a vacation of sorts-eating amazing fresh food, sight seeing from my wheelchair, and  swimming-especially during the horrendous heat wave! My daughter Kristin had moved down temporarily to watch me-best nurse ever!!The outporing of love from everyone from facebook to neighbors is so gratifying, we even had food delivered nightly by the peace network ( and Amanda Hall and Kim Carroll )  WOW i have to believe this  is the good part of being ill. I appreciate it all and again everyone.As Joel would say this setback is a setup for a comeback
Oh and my birthday! I thank all of you who came,brought food, and presents-if I didnt thank you personally its because we get all mixed up at the end! I had two cakes!

So I am into changing it all up now-we're going to go online for merchandise-have small flower class on my patio

**** the first one will be SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 10-1
Simple watercolor flowers-most supplies included plus snacks! $100-email or facebook me if interested-we will hold this on my patio


Well the summer started after my lsat oral chemo round-manytrips to the ER-Finally determining my ammonia was low because of my liver tumors. I starting being unable to talk coherently or walk-my good doctor ( and neighbor) Monty and Paul my ex called the paramedics and I was in the hospital 10 days I think in a semi coma Then came the really fun part-Kristin came back down from Seattle and watched me and the only available course was hospice-I was really that sick! I had to be constantly cared for-walked, fed, everything! I was out of it for days. tThankfully I do not remember anything) Kristins friend Mike Eros came to help out from Texas and his was the first face I saw-Hospice had brought in a bed and I was really confused. Where am I? But you find whats really important and it has been a huge patience and gratitude lesson. Kris is so capable and her partner Sarah came down to attend to me too. I received cards you wouldnt believe, Im going to take pics and post on the flickr in their own album-look for the link on the right. ( It hasnt happened yet but soon!)Thank you God for all my angels and all the love I feel from all  of you-thank you for the prayers