Friday, February 26, 2010


This Sunday Im participating in a wonderful event here in Long Beach-CARNIVAL DEL CORAZON or Hearts for Haiti is bringing together all sorts of art, music and dance to raise funds to rebuild Haiti-funds go to the Yele Haiti Foundation. Here are my silent auction pieces-go to for info , times, etc. It is being held at the Hancock University which I just discovered is one of the finest design colleges in the area...ALSO a great article in the District about this org-I think its going to be aMazing for the arts here in the LBC

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Society for Calligraphy hosts a conference for 100 people every year and this year I was so lucky to take a class from Judy Melvin! Here are some pics from the week-but you must go to my Flickr account to see what happened in that class-about 17 pages (I think) of wonderful stuff. This conference is so cool-only 10 teachers, 12 students max each class-we stay in hotel rooms about 100 feet from our beautiful classrooms-I think theres only a few spaces left for next year-Its always on Presidents weekend and the faculty is amazing next year-Randy Hasson, Yves Leterme, Pat Blair ( me too) Go to if youre interested right now to sign up-this will sell out this year for sure.Oh and its held in beautiful SUNNY Southern California! The other people in the pics above are Heather Lee ( top)-who I was so lucky to sit next to, Judy Melvin and Susan Richardson-who is amazing too!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tattoos, Books and sales!

Im back after Letters California Style-check out the Flickr account on the right for ALL the coolest pictures! Here is a picture of my very first tattoo design on the beautiful Jana Jennings
I have big news-the Book will be coming out in Paperback-next blog! There will soon be a sale on my website and a new Etsy store! Also Graff Diversion and Watercolor Flowers book-OH SO much goodness to report-stay tuned!!