Monday, December 31, 2007

Some places you can see my work!

Here's some of the places Im published right now! The top magazine is Art and Life-publishedby Teesha Moore-available at The Christmas Issue of Somerset features my Angels. The Dream Pillows spread is from Somerset Home magazine. These are on newstands or contact Letter Arts Review is available from John Neal at The last photo here is from Tweety Jill-Creating on Fabrioc-contact info soon about the party! Happy New Year everyone-I think this year is going to be fantastic!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am so excited-My daughter and I placed the numbers on a bridge near our house-that literally hundreds of cars drive under every minute. The numbers are 3897-the number of Iraq dead-the numbers have been untouched since Christmas eve!
I will update this weekly and have sent out press releases to get some publicity. I will also be doing a one to one action wiht my chalk project
More than Numbers /Stop the War is what Im going to call it I think

Tomorrow is my Open House! The place looks beautiful and I can walk into my studio-I feel like weights have been lifted-I will take alot of pictures tomorrow night-We'll be featuring Bernie's ( My mom) Fish house punch which means instant party as its all liquor and tastes like lemonade. Kristin will be making her awesome bread. I am so thrilled ! I love parties!
I hung big clear lights in the back and it looks like an Italian wedding-so cozy-we'll have a fire in the middle though-it will probably be cold. The venerable name tag game will be played too-we've got some really good names!! ( Sanjaya anyone?!)
Next year -you're invited!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Stupid War and Amazing Singers!

The art show went great-and then I went to the Found Theater's presentation of Stupid War-a benefit for Doctors Without Borders. Two amazing singers, Faith Rivera and Kerry Getz. Please check out their stuff-Ive posted their websites-you must go to the video by Faith called Peace Today -its linked on her site. Inspiring pictures galore! It really makes you want to go out and march or something-I think we all have to try to do something-I have a very special action planned-I'll post pics when its up-shhhh!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Art Show in Long Beach that Im in!

A Long Beach Artist's show opened this week in the Second City Art Gallery-The reception will be Saturday night-A very cute old tool and die shop converted to a gallery-plus a beautiful garden out back-there will be performance art and much more-cant wait !!Here's the info...if you're in the area I'd love to see you there!

December 1, 2007 to January 10, 2008
2nd City Council Art Gallery + Performance Space invites the
community to enjoy the THIS IS LONG BEACH Exhibition.

Largest Exhibition & Performance Display ever by Long Beach artists.

Reception: December 8, 7 - 9 p.m.

Public Performance: December 15
Yuan, "a locatively effected ambulaphonic performance
installation and environment" (Schindelmann, 2007)
by Chung Shih Hoh

2nd City Council
435 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 901-0997

Sunday, December 2, 2007

SNEAK PEEK! Mary Engelbreit

Ok-Since you are viewing my blog I can give you a sample of the book I did and sent off to Mary Engelbreit=-for inclusion in the June Issue of her magazine! Yippeee!( more of a yippee that I am done-well sort of) OK-Its a Abecedarium of Intentions-I did a page for each letters-and wrote an intention down for each one ( honestly I got to P -but theres more to come!!)-its all on fabric and theres collage and it folds out to nearly 20 feet at this point!
I hope to get it back before the Letters Cal Style Conference-so you can see it in person if youre there!!Theres Alot more to see!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Just got back from a very cool event in downtown LA-which I gather is becoming a really neato artists city. It was in the Ghetto Mansion-where a bunch of Graff, stencil and stickers artists have their studios and gallery space-The place was jumping-all ages really into the sticker scene as well as lettering and stencils.I've put the pics up on my Flickr. There was also screening on site-huge videos projected on the walls-djs and bands. also tacos! The kids were really cool-everyone carried a black book-searching for their favorite artists to sign-the ultimate ill thing. I was blown away by the work and the energy. The guy who runs Praise the lowered has his studio there-he's in my book! I couldnt find him though-go to and checkout the stuff.
So the walls were plastered with Stickers-the guy who curated this -sticky rick asked for anyone to send him stickers and he just got millions of stickers! the kids were putting up their own stickers-even though it said not to-thats like an open invitation! lots of trading going on too-I want to get the calligraphy community and this bunch together somehow-
There were alot of little kids there tonight too-wiht their books! so how cool would it be to excite that demographic into letters! Im so stoked!!Heres a couple pictures to whet you appetite-You just have to check this work out !!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


OK-I havent labeled them yet-it seems like it takes forever to do this! I will label tomorrow-oh and dont miss the fabulous Long Beach Sunset and the Heart ( Chicken ) Tender! I swear that this tender came out of the bag exactly like this!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quilt Show frenzy!

Emerging from the haze of the last week! I was in bed yesterday and had to go to the doctor-as the Hilton buffet on my trip to Houston and I did not agree! Unfortunately this happened midway thru my trip to Houston Quilt Show. I was really bad off-my poor roommate Traci B was so understanding! I did have to cancel one of my open Studio nights for Quilting Arts.
But the Quilt show is amazing!
Over 50,000 women-20o0 or so quilts-500 vendors. I taught 4 classes and a Sampler-which was a rotating station deal where I yelled for 3 hours at over 350 women. Funny-I got really ill right after that. I was so shaky and weak its amazing I made it through the next two days classes. I had to sit down every 10 minutes or so and put my head between my legs-Quite the teaching challenge-I think the classes went ok-I met so many neat people and got many wonderful comments. I will post the pictures in the morning-Im still not really energetic or anything like it! But back to reality
Thank you for all of those of you I met -and all the things you taught me. It is amazing how kind and supportive total strangers can be-it makes it all worth it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Washington Revisited!

OK-So Mercury's in Retrograde right? Today another shipment of supplies are lost-this time its Dick Blick for the quilt show. The First time it was for my Washington trip-=UPS guaranteed me on Friday-but oh well- that doesnt mean anything to them-I asked for them to pay for the supplies I had to rebuy once I got there for my Sunday classes and Monday classes and they just laughed. Anyways-I had a beautiful day when I arrived in Seattle. Kristin;'s house is so cute-its upstairs in an old house and she's settled in very well-I wrote Claim Abundance on her wall-that gives me ideas for my studio too!! She is very happy and getting so many friends and activities its hard to find her at times
We had a really nice dinner in historic Ballard where there was the most amazing shops-We had GREAT Mexican food at La Carta-totally worth the wait
She was so nice to let me stay with her-then Sunday it was off to Lacey where I taught two classes at a neato store called Art and Soul-=the students were great! Susie Tracy the owner was so wonderful too! Then to Kathy Petersens in Olympia where her husband Jim prepared a beautiful Salmon dinner paired with champagne, chardonnay and a lovely dessert wine-man have I got the life or whaT!! The next day was paste Papers and Watercolor techniques for their guild. The results are awesome-check out the flickr site photos! Linda O'Neill came from the island and Sequim-it was so great to see her
that night was Aikido night back in Seattle-My daughter is now an orange belt! Man do they throw each other around alot!I am amazed by the power and grace-It was really interesting to watch her sensei move-like caligraphy come alive
We went to the Honey Hole for Dinner-another outstanding meal-Im still trying to recover from all that food. We woke up and made a day of it in Seattle-the weather was great-we hit the Japanese garden first after breakfast at the Hi Top cafe-an old house thats been retrofitted for food. It may be jsut me but it seems like Seattle has a million really cool shops and cafes-I cant wait to return and explore
Then to the Historic Wooden Boat Shop where they restore classic old boats-Kristin volunteers there-of course they love her and shes making many friends there too
Kristin had arranged a potluck for that evening we made a huge Kristin everything but the sink salad and Kris made LOVELY bread-Oh her friends are all incredible and fun and they made me laugh so much even though I wasnt feeling too well. It was a perfect night in Kris's treehouse!
Then on to Art Fiber Fest at Port Townsend-about a 2 hour drive and ferry-pics on the flickr. Poor Robins bags were lost and we got a late start-see Mercury again-I taught 2 days and then took a Traci Bautista class. The first day was Flip Book of dark and Light-again I met incredible people who went with the book program although i wasnt too clear on the structure! I met Kristi Steiner and her sister Jan and they invited me to Italy! to teach! Im thinking this will be in May 2009-but I'll keep you posted!! Yay for me! I am incredibly lucky and thank my stars for all I get to see and do in this crazy life. There was a wind storm that day ( Mercury) but we didnt have to go off the island thank god- the next day I taught Calligraphic Cavalcade-another group of lovely people I met there-so much fun!! Teesha and Tracy have that magic about them that they create these wonderful spaces for everyone to create and we love them for this! They Might be coming to Santa Barbara with this event-oh I HOPE so!! So Its back to Seattle-Kris is surely tired of seeing me again-but promises to visit for Thanksgiving-YES!! We went to Julias on Broadway for breakfast and there was a farmers market nearby -whew-Then i flew home!!-Thank you Kris and everyone who put me up or put up with me!
Im tired reviewing this!!
So Tonight is Yoga and a reading at Open Bookstore-Im getting into this groove of doing lovely things for myself -I like it!Theres alot to do but I deserve this
Now its on to Quilt then maybe a break from traveling for a while.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


The fires are somewhat subsiding-a great thing happened-I heard from so many people that were concerned about me. I had to laugh a bit because all we had to go through was some smoke and soot-That is nothing compared to what somepeople lost. It makes you think about the big picture though.
I wanted to tell you more about Seattle -and yet Im so thrashed today_im getting ready for the Quilt show-Only four classes to prepare for AND Open Studio twice at Make It U-Quilting Arts Booth AND mixed Media Miscellany-whatever that will be.
Got my Somerset Studio today-My Angels are featured ! I have to laugh because that is so unlike me to work on dolls. You just never know where this life leads you-I have been reading Eat Pray Love ( like the rest of the world!) and she mentioned that life is one half destiny and one half choice-I kinda like that
That book is really echoing my life exactly-so closely its spooky! I was just asked to teach in Italy by Kristi Steiner-I am so absolutely over the moon-three weeks in Italy!??!! ( we're still thinking about the dates) I expect next the universe will put me in touch with my guru soon ( this is a Eat Pray Love inside joke!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sad California

There are historic fires today-so much lost and devastated-its hard to know how this will affect us all at this point.My friends in these areas are so far fine-we are fine too-its really only in the deserts and mountains-but that is huge-when you look at the map of San diego county you'll see that most of the county is now on fire. The news is on all the time and it's pretty unwatchable-I hate that the Breaking news caption is on all the time.
This is a picture of the sun and the smoke-my pool is coated with soot and leaves-the plants are all wilting in 100degree heat-I cant bring myself to water them -I feel like its wasting water I may sometime need
Im feeling very sad about alot of things Tomorrow will be better-I keep telling myself this!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from Washington

Tour Over!
I have posted my photos of my wonderful trip to Seattle and environs-buit Im so sleepy now I'll have to write about it tomorrow
The week was amazing-and there's alot to tell so please come back

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cant even put up a link!

OK-heres the website-Maybe someday I'll figure this out

Friday, October 5, 2007


Yes! I just found out I was accepted to teach at Letters Mingle Souls in Chicago this summer! I'll be teaching the Fine Hand Lettered Art Quilt-a 2 1/2 day class-then I need to rush home to the quilt conference here in Long Beach. I am going crazy right now getting ready for the trip to Seattle and getting the classes together for the Quilt show-I have to send it all this week as I'll be in Seattle for a week-get to visit my daughter and teach at Art nSoul in Lacey,Olympia calligraphy Guild and then finally to Art Fiberfest in Port Townsend
The link to the Chicago Conference is above I hope!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Voices for Peace

So I just got back from an event I organized and turned out awesome! We arranged for speakers and artists and musicians to speak about the meaning of peace in their lives-It was amazing-I brought that tryptich I made about Julia Butterfly and Aung San Sui Kyi-I am amazed by some of the stories I heard-from parents and vets. There was a 21 year old girl, Wendy Varranco-who had been in the service for 3 years and deployed for 8 months on the front lines! She said its a lie that the govt, tells us that there are no women out there-shes organizing for the Iraq Veterans against the War.
When I was her age I was just wondering where the next frat party was!
Im trying to distract myself with all I have to do to get ready for my next trip-I have to pack for Seattle and Houston quilt show as there isnt enough time between to order stuff--better go and get to bed so I can face the day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

St. Louis Trip!

The pictures are up of my wonderful trip to St. Louis! I stayed in a magnificent house really near the park where the Worlds Fair was held-they have kept the park as a showpiece for the city and its beautiful. I was treated like a queen-thank you to Caroline , her family, Leslie Barnes, Kathy Orf and Adona Dieble for shlepping me around! The guild was amazing-check out the work! I loved all of them-I learned so much. Flo gave me a great lesson-she said "Its not about the money-Its about making people feel good" I will write more in a bit-heres a picture of Ted Drewes where I had the Cardinal Sin , tart cherries, hot fudge and vanilla ice custard-wow!
The book is turned in! I sent it off last Friday and when the gal at Kinkos asked what was in the box-I was so proud to say my Book!
I think its going to be great!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mary Engelbreit!!

I am thrilled to announce I will be featured in the June /July issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion in the Paper Scissors Crop section!
I met the editor Jen Cushman at Art Unraveled and hit it off and now its true!
I always joke about being Mary's evil twin -but now Im going to have to shape up! No devil images for the book Im making!
OF Course I'll remind everyone as it gets closer
Got my dummy pages of my book and Im so excited!

Burning Man pics are up!!

This is the AFTER photo!! Click on the flickr link at the right and checkout the pics from the trip from hell. We survived the worst dust storm in ages in the Black Rock river playa-Oh wait -there were two dust storms and then it rained and turned the dust to mud-It was 100 degrees or more -It was amazing at night -the art was great. But Im not sure if I want to go back again. On the day we woke up to leave early the car broke and the rental car company wouldnt come get us as we were at Burning Man. Looking at a $500 tow it was wonderful to see that Kristin had the car started after I hitchhiked into town and waited two hours for the tow truck driver to come. The line to get out at that point was horrendous-it took us 7 hours to travel the 100 miles to Reno( 3 hours alone getting out of the Burning Man proper) FUN!! Kristin says that karmically we're owed big time. An incredible patience lesson!! Enjoy the pics! Still going on the book-got my first dummy pages today and Im super thrilled!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Burning Man Report

Here we are -the before picture-It was a harrowing trip-we almost didnt make it back! I will post the pics on flickr when I get a chance-Im on deadline with the book and frantic to say the least

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Work Now in Somerset Home

Here is a better cover image of the Somerset Home magazine now on newstands everywhere! My Dream Pillows are featured thru out!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back from Arizona!

I am finally back to the computer and I've uploaded some photos from Art Unraveled-It was great time! Wonderful classes and students-who did phenomenal work!! I apologize to me Swirls and Twirls class as their photos didnt really come out so great-my bad- The Letter Tool Time class was amazing too!and my Cosanti photos are all mixed in with my class ones! Ive got to learn the Flicktr deal
Cosanti was cool again -well it was sweltering hot but the place is a mazing-you have to go if youre ever there-the dude-Paolo Solieri is a most amazing guy-designer architect and 88! still going strong-we spied him swimming! The bells are beautiful as is the place
On the way home there was this most beautiful sunset-I had plenty of time to enjoy it as the freeway was closed due to an accident=I think im still recovering.Back to my book-the deadline is looming! Please go to the Flickr link at the side here to view the latest photos

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Now featured in Somerset Home and Countdown To AU!!

Im getting excited and its a mess in my house-Its so nice that noone cares that its crazyhere-Only 3 days till I leave and I have a ton of things to do_I'd love to have been farther on the book than I am but oh well-When I get back I'll really crank on it-

Im so excited-my Dream Pillows are featured in a cover article in the new Somerset Home-They really did a great job of photographing them-I will also have alot of art at Art Unraveled. Trying to get a bit of my art out there in the world-More tomorrow!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Im doing the scrawly chapter of my book-things like this with old brushes-I like this style of letters but its still a huge chore to do all this work!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jeff and Sarah Marie

The weekend flew by-my cousin Elaine and her family visited-here's a photo of Jeff and Sarah and her hew love Isabella White Kitty!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crazy Weekend!

So it was Stamp convention yesterday-and today it was Felt Club -Im silly tired-but I got inspired by so much today-i ordered some moo cards and I've uploaded alot of pictures of my work to my flickr site which is I hope here-Check it out!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Pink Door and Barettes!

The door I saw in Santa Barbara inspired me to paint my garage door pink-I Now have purple trim and a pink door- I like it!
Here are also some barrettes for Art Unraveled-only 27 days away!! This was a diversion tactic from my book which is coming along swimmingly!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend in La Quinta!

So lucky am I! I spent the weekend with my friends CC and Barbara at CC's mom's conference-it was for Kappa Kappa Iota (retired teachers assn)-We stayed at LA Quinta resort-originally a retreat for the wealthy stars-opened in 1926! well we got a beautiful cabana room ...heres some pictures of our private pool with the views of the mountains that surround this resort The resort is HUGE! like 5 golf courses-25 tennis courts-amazing-its now owned by the Waldorf Astoria so everything was top knotch! We taught a little brush workshop-then gelled by the pool-I napped and then w went to dinner at the Cliffhouse-amazing views-great food-almost all of C's family and Barb;s sis Jo came too! I then went to the PAlm Springs street fair-held every thursday-4 blocks long, at night so its cooler-produce, art, crafts, wonderful music and those soft beautiful warm nights!!AND it was almoet a full moon! SO beautiful!! Hard to come back home!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

another Angel!

Here is the before and after of the other angel I did for somerset

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here is my website-just click on the above title and it will take you there! I cant seem to change the color on it but it does work!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Somerset Angels

Here's the Somerset studios angels-Jenny asked for some treetoppers like the one I did for Lynne Perella's book-I think I will post them before and after-the first one is the after-the second the silly statue I found at Tuesday Morning 60% off-i like to think I gave her a new life!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Heres some hearts I made for a class hopefully at the Chicago Quilt Show in April-maybe Art and Soul Portland?
Working on treetoppers for somerset-Im thinking of calling that class Extreme Makeover