Monday, May 14, 2012

Pigs, Letteristas and Things in Jars!

YES! There are so many things on the Flickr site ( click at the right hand column !) I have to jam them all in to one blog post- But you see Ive been so busy and I want to show you everything! ( There is Yard news coming too-it is completely completed-well its really ongoing but will blog later)

First PIGS! Yes its the Cochinita show at catalyst at Art Supply Warehouse-something like 40 clay pigs were transformed into works of art-a steampunk pig, Tron pig-My Capitalista pig ( above) and you have to see the sausage!

LETTERISTA STYLE ends with a bang-Orange County calligraphers rock-so cool to see their work on my new class Letterista style Script-EVERYONE did so well! This is Steve's work above

Well why not do terrariums too? But of course my son and I are using shoes and teacups and whatever and sold at the Rossmoor fair!

And I have to show you the kids awesome work at Sheriffs Leadership academy-the logo designs are coming along-heres Alexs and Isaac's collab

OK So go now to my FLICKR HERE! and see all the wonders-of course they are not in this order and you may have to scroll a bit -7 PAGES of stuff!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Come and CREATE! Its another Blog Roll

Yes I will be teaching 3 fun classes at this wonderful event in Irvine CA come June 2 and 3-ALSO I will have a booth at the vendor faire on Friday night June 1-free and open to all! Here's my classes and descriptions-you can sign up here  get directions, and I would love to see you!

BUT WAIT! There are tons of other incredible mixed media artists arriving from all over the country, bringing with them their special skills, you simply must check out here on the BLOG ROLL O FUN!

Letterista Style Lettering (6-Hour)

Date: Saturday, June 2Time: 9:00am-4:00pm Technique: Collage & Assemblage Instructor: Lisa Engelbrecht Price: $149.00 Materials Fee: $10.00
What does it mean to write in Letterista style? Well, it's a sweet mash up of traditional calligraphy gone wild—modern and funky inventions and innovations on old styles of lettering! I've coined the term "Letterista" to describe my take on rebellious calligraphy. What will happen when we open up to modifications of several styles of lettering ? Let's organically explore all these options together. Rebellious and chaotic, spilling our brilliant and innermost thoughts on the page, always a lot of fun! Explorers, letterers, and artists wanted! 

Thoroughly Modern Script Writing (3-Hour)

Date: Saturday, June 2Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm Technique: Collage & Assemblage Instructor: Lisa Engelbrecht Price: $85.00 Materials Fee: $10.00
This course introduces the pointed pen nib and its lettering variations—from formal copperplate style (wedding invitation writing) and exciting flourishes to a modern, loose, casual style. Participants will create an outline of these script letters by examining historical Zanerian styles. Then the students will fill, outline, and shadow with traditional and current cutting edge tools creating a beautiful style of lettering that's great for creating titles for journal pages and artwork. 

Shimmer!-Gold Foil and Fabric Necklace and Bling Techniques (3-Hour)

Date: Sunday, June 3Time: 9:00am-12noon Technique: Mixed Media Stitch Instructor: Lisa EngelbrechtPrice: $85.00 Materials Fee: $10.00This workshop will take place in a classroom with Bernina sewing machines available for shared use.Join multimedia artist Lisa Engelbrecht, author of Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, for a very special class. Lisa will guide you with assorted writing instruments to explore and discover experimental lettering and mark-making. The letters and marks will be incorporated onto canvas, and combined with exciting mixed-media techniques to add special shimmer and sparkle by creating metallic hearts with duo adhesives, foils, double-stick tape, and metallic pens. Students will learn how to create a miniature mixed-media art quilt and a mixed-media pendant necklace on fabric.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



My friend Julia from Sakura has turned me on to these new calligraphy pens -made with the same ink as Pigma Microns-so they are permanent and lightfast and they come in 3 sizes and 4 colors ( you can see the color in the above photo) -sweet! I demonstrated them at the Craft and Hobby Association show and while there she took a video of my writing the word Script out.

Basically I wrote out the word script in my handwriting-nothing fancy.  I double stroked the letters, and in that opening starting about halfway down I added some horizontal lines inside the letters, Then I added a little wing on the sides of the letters and then filled them with color!

I used the new Koi coloring brushes from Sakura-they come in loads of colors! ( Markers or gel pens would work too!) I scored a big ol box of every color-so cool. They are super blendable and really bright. I started with pink on the tops of the letters and then used the yellow below and combined the two colors to make orange! Check out your local art store to find these-they are pretty new -so ask your store to order them!

You can buy the new Pigma Calligraphers at Paper and Ink Arts, and also at John Neal Books! you will love them!

Here's the blog premiere of my script writing!