Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here we go! What a crazy weekend. It all started at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica where the lovely Victoria led us in Fabric Dyeing-Of course I had to buy a bunch of soda ash and dyes-hope to tie dye the new Peace Tshirts! Then on to Demo Day at Art Supply Warehouse where Darrin and Dino and Wendy made it super fun! On Sunday I taught at the beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs- Flowing Letters for the Society for Calligraphy-The day was gray and misty-but magical and mysterious. I loved the scribbling the scribes did-check it out! Theres also some nature pics, sugar skulls class and art walk and whatever I was up to lately. I've posted some pictures of all of the above on my Flickr site-click on the Flickr at left to go and visit!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


The new issue of Somerset's Workshop is now onthe stands-and My Work is featured in it-Theres a cool messenger bag project with step outs, a creative wall hanging, backgrounds explained and an exemplar on Casual Brush Lettering too! Also theres a very nice article from Ruth Rae-some killer black hearts wit words stitched on them. and Pam Carriker is in this magazine too-I like her work. ALSO Ive posted some new pictures on my Flicker account-a local urban art show I went to-and My International Quilt Association Donation quilt for their auction in Houston -my newest painted wallet-and probably some other stuff-Im going to work on new originals for the etsy site! -tonight...maybe... after Dexter?