Friday, September 26, 2008


Surprise! The event I organized last week was a huge success and made the front page of the Local paper! It was a really amazing day with people really wanting to express themselves. Chalk 4 Peace is an International event that takes over the worlds sidewalks and streets and lets people express themselves through free expression-Its held yearly but I want to do something like this again very soon!! The kids were so free-a great lesson for those of us who are stuck! It was a hot day -you can check out more poictures on my Flickr account ...and tomorrow I will be creating an infinite banner with ArtPeace-a group Ive recently become involved with, at the We Love Long Beach picnic. It will kick off a years worth of events that involve children and peace-what could be better!? Im hoping its not too hot-or that we will be in the shade! I will place a link on the side for this too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


WILD NIGHT IN FROGTOWN! Thats a new art district that is well, pretty rough-near Dodger stadium
I went to see my friends work-hard at work painting on live ladies-go to my Flickr site for more The Mannequins were amazing-all so totally different-theres no way you can say these are not artists of the highest caliber. Thanks was there painting but I missed Steam and Paka-they may have been there-there were hundreds of people there! Amazing live painting by Koffe-twirling the flat brush in a way calligraphers can only dream of!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is the certificate and here is a link to the event-It looks like it was amazing-movie stars and everything! You must visit their website ( click on the title above for pics of the event itself) and see the incredible work these unsung till now heroes are doing ( and I dont mean the way overhyped heroes on tv) What a pleasure to do this work for them

I have been busy getting ready for the Local Chalk 4 Peace event that I organized-Its a global project that I am holding Friday at my farmer' market-Its going to be great day of art and kids and excitement!

And there's more-that night will be the Girls gone Graff event in NOHO-Stefanie and Maria might join me! My friends Steam and Thanks will be painting on mannequins or live girls-there will be about 20 graff artists-so I will definitely be bringing tha black book and the camera! Paka will be there too

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BACK TO THE BLOG-So much to tell!

As always. that seems to be my life! September was supposed to slow down?
Saturday was my book signing at Barnes and Noble-thanks to Jody Jean it was a great turn out and so much fun. The art was a happening and many friends came by to wish me well! What a great spot-you can look at books-and make art-the next event will feature my friend Stephanie from Craftside-blog link at right!! November 1st-she will do a demo of needle felting and you will get to try it too! Stephanie wrote the great book Sweater Surgery you have to see_great creative ideas for old sweaters.
There was a very cute little boy named Tom who was a genius at lettering!
Here also is a present I made for my friends Hannah and Leah who were married last week
aaaaaaand a certificate I did for Free the Slaves-a great org-go visit their site and give them money!! At Right!!) It was to be signed by Archbishop Tutu-No pressure!
Watercolor Flowers begins tonight in the OC-Love to teach that class!!