Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I must let you know that there will be an impromptu book signing and calligraphy demo at The Creative Quest on Friday August 9th in Glendale Arizona. This will be an evening event and please check the website at for more info
Lovely Kathy and Judy have been so kind to me-thanks for coming out-I will be happy to sign your book-or I will have books and DVDs available for purchase at the wonderful store!
More info to follow this week!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Letters Mingle Souls Pics now up!

OK! Im still recovering but I have my first half of my crazy week up on Flickr-click on the link at the right-captions to come-you can see the students were incredible and the place amazing!! Back with more description soon
Life is crazy here-getting ready for travel to Phoenix next week -Art Unraveled!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy Life in the LBC

Its getting quite crazy here-things are certainly popping-I leave for Chicago and the Lettering Conference Friday-Im teaching Hand Lettered Quilt and wow-this conference is going to be amazing-they have organized everything down to the littlest detail! My friend Jim is in charge and I knew it would be like this!
I'll be signing books for John Neal on Monday night and he said he's sold over 100 books-I think there may be a line-Have to get my head around this fame deal! Oh-by the way -if youve sent me a check for a book I may not get them out till after July 28-I return next Tuesday to LB for the Quilt conference here-to teach 6 straight classes-3 on one day! Oh and by the way, My daughters girlfriend is moving in for a month and my friends the ArtGirlz are coming Monday to stay during the festival and quilt show and also Traci Bautistas coming at some point to stay too! Full House! Fun but crazy!!
Poor Jeff is not ready for all these girls Im afraid
But Im trying to enjoy the ride-check out my Flickr to see the work of my new best friends-my graff connections-Im hoping to actually paint this week-like I dont have enough going on ! But Im so excited-they've agreed to do a live painting at my book launch party-BTW its on August 24th-5:00 __be there!-no here-at my house! DJ, food, drinks, everyone is welcome!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can Control!

Yes I should be getting ready for conference-I should be filling book orders( I got most of them in the mail last week-so look for the book if youve pre ordered with me!) But Im kinda obsessed wiht the graff Im learning at Homeland-The guys there are so amazingly sharing with their skills and this week I begin learning to Paint -like with the cans and all! Scary but exciting-I asked Jeff the other day if he wanted to cut some stencils and go out painting-Im such a good role model mom!!Heres some more images from my teachers-more like masters-how lucky am I to hook up with these guys randomly and how lucky they dont think Im a freak and are indulging me?