Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just returned from Santa Barbara and Ojai-a new discovery for me. This has been a really trying day-alot going on-i will try to get some images on here of the beautiful places I discovered with my best friend

Monday, May 21, 2007

Art from the book!

OK-sneak preview here
below is denis browns work for the book and heres One of Xandras beautiful invites!

Book News! and off to Santa Barbara for a small trip!

yes-Im really writing-Im a writer-ha that sounds so funny! I have pretty much finished the first two chapters-and look at the line up for the contributors!!
Peter Thornton
Denis Brown.
Stephen Rapp,
Xandra Zamora
and Linda Hirsh!!
It is so incredible that they all agreed-Its going to be so exciting to see this all come together. I wont be at Island Magic and that may be jsut as well as I really need to make this perfect-Its crazy to think that what I write will be seen by so many-I was doing the script exemplar today freaking out that it wasnt perfect!-oh well! Ive Got to let that go!! Im not perfect and Ive got to make this book for everyone-warts and all!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Back From Virginia!

Hey-Im going to post some pictures from my trip on Flickr and try to give a link-I had alot of fun-met so many wonderful people at vendor night-so many kind words-It makes me remember why I do this-I get to meet so many great artists and watch them work and interpret my ideas! Starting really working on the book! Xandra Zamora aand Stephen Rapp have agreed to be in it! yay!