Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tamara's commission-Stage Two

Well heres the next layer-I'm writing on the fabric and making some love connections with other fabrics.
I think the writing looks good-there maybe more layers coming near the bottom
I'm off to the Pendragon's Guild in Kalamazoo, MI tomoorow to teach Hand lettered Prayer Flags-yay! I hope to get back to this next week

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tamara's commission-Stage One

Im into a commission right now and I thought you might see how I work-Heres the initial washes-I had the text and an idea to do a long skinny quilt. Thanks to Tamara for allowing me to share this with you all
It is really HOT in LBC now-but cooling off nicely for the evenings-this weekend I went to the Brewery ArtWalk and sold stuff at the Farmer's market with Sarah-I'll post pics and describe soon!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok so finally I am blogging about artfest. You know its been awhile when theyve changed the welcome page on blogspot! I had the most incredible time in Seattle-Port Townsend was where Art Fest is located-you need to travel by ferry to get to this secluded island-the only problem was my rental car stalled on the ferry! The tug had to push me off-but I managed to get back on the road. I arrived to snow in Seattle -when I had packed the cutest summer things!! ah well-gloves and hats were bought and all was well. the classes were amazing-The Tats class cranked out mad work-I expect to post more of this incredible stuff-for right now check out my flickr account-Link On the Right I've posted ALL my artfest photos and tried to label a few.
The Pocket altar class-wowwee-man -the students were all incredible and passionate and crafty with their solutions-I couldnt ask for more -( check out the altars on Flickr!) I so Love teaching at Art Fest and pretty much everywhere-i will miss it next year-but off to bigger and better things!
The show and tell night knocked me off my feet-its so above and beyond what you see anywhere else. Teesha and Tracy are magic makers and they do it every time with such skill and grace.
Afterwards, I went to Seattle for a day all to myself and checked out the Garden and Cosmos show at the Asian Art Museum. Killer detailed paintings from the Royal collection of the Jodphurs in India. The weather turned out to be perfect after all and the show was lovely-see it if you can!
Dinner was Vietnamese fusion at the Tamarind Tree with my friends Kristen, Ruben and Brook-they are so much fun-i didnt even mind the story of the rats outside!
I stayed at a pretty B and B with a clawfoot tub-and Carmelized Apple Crepes for breakfast with-dig it-homemade gingerbread! Met a nice lot of girls from Belfast-first time in the US!
Heading back to Long Beach I decided to ask at the Counter if they had a first aid station as I was having heart pains and thought it might be a good idea to check this out before I got on the plane! Welp-the gal convinced me to have the paramedics come and three very handsome ones showed and took my EKg and blood pressure! and asked me a ton of questions-it seems as though i was fine-simply stressed-my blood pressure was through the roof and I am now under doctors orders to destress or else. I am stuggling a bit with this one as I go to Michigan, Seattle and Italy in the next three weeks! Yikes-breathe breathe! I have a commission I am working on and I will post progress reports on this soon!