Friday, December 19, 2008


These images are from Kathleen Borkowski-she took my workshop at Absolutely Everything-and finished her quilt into this neato house shape-check out her website to see these pictures full size-which is beautiful! at

Ok-these photos are from the beautiful fabric book completed by my student from Houston quilt show, Phyllis Peterson-=amazing -huh? A tribute to her pets that have passed on-it is just beautiful!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Momento Mori-a New Class for the New Year at Carol Parks studio

Oh I am so excited about this class-I will be teaching for three full days at the beautiful studio of Carol Heres the description and some photos-what's great about this class-other than it being in my SoCal neighborhood-is that we have three full days to make this incredible soulful book-I am so looking forward to it. The deadline for the discount entry to the class is January 1st-the class starts Friday Jan. 30 and goes thru the weekend. Please join me-I don't teach often enough in LA and this is really a great opportunity-to get to know letters and fabric and even yourself a bit more!Memento Mori
A Book of Remembrance and Joy
Lisa Engelbrecht, Instructor

The Roman General has a slave that follows him closely from behind. The slave whispers “Memento Mori” Remember you are mortal, remember you will die.

The symbolism of memento mori has occurred again and again in artworks for centuries. One’s inevitable death can have transformative power for their art. I like to think of it as “Ars Moriendi” The art of dying well or living righteously in this moment.
How can we work these extraordinary ideas into our art?
Join me as we create a very personal tribute book, filled with mementos and touchstones. This book will be a celebration and a memorial to our loved ones past and a commitment to a life and love to honor their memory.
On the first day we will begin by digging deep to create personal text. By using exercises in lettering and calligraphy on various surfaces we will develop a personal style of handwriting along with larger letter styles for titles and labels. Experimental tools and pens will allow us to give this book a unique lively stamp. The pages of the book will be either paper or fabric, or any found materials.
On the second day pages may be primed, sprayed, torn, stamped or painted with washes of color, creating textural backgrounds. Finding the correct pen or pigment and design of the page will be a part of the discovery.The book will be filled joyously and raucously with photos and collage of us and our family. Text in our own hand will fill the book.
On the third day simple photo transfer techniques will be introduced to quickly enter images here. Fabric layering and hand stitchery introduced. Mementos and amulets from our loved one’s past and our own personal items we will leave after our own passing will be placed into our book. The fabric cover of the book will be completed and simple sewing and finishing techniques presented.

What will you leave? What words would you say to those who follow you? There will be very big questions to ask ourselves and here will be a safe and nurturing space to explore this concept
The imagery of the Day of the Dead may inspire you-the Mexican tradition is one filled with joy -not sorrow. In fact its a giant party at the graveside-a celebration of life! And that’s what I intend this workshop to be-creating a book filled with the joy of life to remind us of memento mori.

Imagery cues! Skulls, Timepieces, the Grim reaper, angels of death, Day of the Dead skeletons

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Traci B , the Art Bar and More

My friend the amazing Traci Bautista's here teaching at the Art Bar and staying with me for a few days-I got to take her class today-it was fun but tooo short-tomorrow is my Book signing at Barnes and Noble-in Huntington Beach-
Im hoping to collab with Traci and post it here so stay tuned! I got the picture of me above-haha- for free at

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Website!

Yes If you go to my website it is no longer there-I am switching over to Bandzoogle and I could not be happier-here is my temporary link- at the right-My address is still have to change servers- ok lets see if this works!!
Im so much happier than I was with Network Solutions-it allows you to post stuff so easily and its pretty cool too

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Houston Update completed

At Last I have the opportunity to blog-ive been kinda sick lately so I havent kept up with much. Here are some images of the exhibit quilts in Houston-qnd I have uploaded my class pics too at the Flickr site. I have to say I wont be there next year but I'll be at the Long Beach Quilt Show-much closer! I was so sick in Boston that I really have been rethinking travelling at this point. I have got to de-stress first of all. I talked to my daughter yesterday and she is fine-way far away from the problems in India. Ive found it impossible to get a flight so I probably wont be going to India in january. I needed to get well anyways so maybe God and universe are helping me here! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you could spend it with those you love.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Houston Quilt Show Report-finally...

The Houston Quilt Show was amazing-Ive tried to break it down into smaller portions-otherwise its sooo overwhelming! I think Im getting the hang of it now that its my 4th year! I roomed with Traci Bautista and we were in the adjacent hotel so it was really nice. The first day I did Open Studios for Quilting Arts-Pokey is so amazing and generous to us artists-allowing us to plug books and such. The second day was the first time I have taught the Book of Intentions fabric book with the second part of the day in the sewing room-check out what these amazing artists churned out-and this is just a small taste-PLEASE go to my Flickr site at the right to see more pictures-the stitchery on those Janome machines is incredible and you can really tell a difference when real seamstresses sew-hmmm unlike me. Such wonderful people and so willing to pack up all their stuff and schlep it to the next class-and then the covers !!-Just a few samples here-all were so colorful and inventive

I have a Book Signing at Barnes and Noble on Sunday, Dec. 7 th at the Edinger location in Huntington Beach. ( right off the freeway at Beach Blvd.)I'll probably be demoing as always-please come by and say hi and scribble with me.
I just booked an amazing retreat at Idyllwild Arts Center next July-Its about an hour drive from here and I will post their link at the right-that will probably be the last booking for 2009. What an incredible place and how lucky am I-oh and I just found out I will defintiely be teaching at the Long Beach Quilt Show-July 22-24. New classes-Watercolor look Florals for fabric!Look for more info soon! Next post will cover the quilts at Houston-wait till you see 'em!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Bit About ArtFiber Fest in Seattle

well, really Port Townsend which is this beautiful town I could see myself living in -if it werent cold and rainy alot! The fest is at Fort Worden-a beautiful view from my former barracks window-check my flickr link at right! I taught all three days and wow what a bunch of wonderful people-I did the Book of Intentions class for the first time-amazing books and great class and super intentions all round. Next year the Art Fiber Fest will be moving -in date and location-so check on the title above that will take you to Teeshas website and you can look up the scoop once its finalized-Im off to Boston and Absolutely Everything-a great store where I will be teaching Friday night, thru the weekend-must get back to packing!
BUT I wanted to tell a little about AFF-littered thru my pics are some of the show and tell night-I met Ruth Rae and Alisa Burke-they are so nice and so cute!!Their students cranked out such neato work-HAVE to take a class.
I had a day in Seattle and did the tourist thing in my 15 person van-that was fun-the only car the rental company had left -better than $100 a day at another company tho -so it was Lisa the Truck driver! parking in downtown Ballard and Seattle was a treat. I happened upon Ballard"s Farmers market ( Ballard is a super cool neighborhood in North Seattle) and yep I think its about the best one Ive ever been to-Fresh soups-great crafts, flowers ,breads and a duo called Raw Corn-accordion and vocals. pretty much a perfect day. Obtained a beautiful stained glass heart for my window of suncatchers. I only wish Kris were there to share it with -maybe next time-soon I will be joining her in India-got my shots -well some of them-need visa -need ticket-need time-oh no - I need to pack for this weekend's trip here are some pictures of the now famous van, the farmers market and my students work-nay.. i mean my colleagues work!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


ART FIBER FEST PICS are up-go to my Flickr Link at the right under favorite sites-the work was a mazing at this event- My colleagues taught me so much-more tomorrow-this uploading thing takes me so long to do-but I really wanted you to see this-Of course I still Have Houston to do too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Updated Teaching Schedule on the Right!

YES Seattle and Art Fiber Fest pics and news to come along with Houston pics and updates-but first I have to announce some amazing new Teaching Appearances =Please check the list on the right-hopefully I got all the links correct on them-Im the Invited Guest Artist for LETTERS OF JOY in Seattle area next May!! -Ive also added dates in Tulsa, Wisconsin, Dallas at their famous fall retreat, Vancouver and Warmland calligraphers. Im getting so many teaching requests now -very much appreciated but I cant do it all and I think Im getting to almost full for 2009! What an honor!-Hopefully I'll get to more blogging tonight-Im off to the ArtBAr tomorrow for a day of cool tools.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Hello!! Ive put a couple photos up of the LA decom-going to Seattle in two days -yikes!!
Then Quilt Then Art Bar! November 9th-Cool tools for Modern Journalers!
Go to the Flickr Link at the right to see the pics!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Art Supply Warehouse Signing! and Italy

Whew! A frenetic day yesterday at the ol' art store-they were so nice to let me sign books and demonstrate-that actually are carrying my book-and they are all so nice to me!! Special thanks to Teren and Wendy-I will be back tomorrow signing again from 10-2-should be a bit cooler. If you havent gone ( and are in Southern California) you must go as everything in the store is 25% off-and this means everything!! Through Sunday...The enigmatic Dan Jett was there as were my friends Lefty Fontenrose, his daughter Kristi, Judith Hicks( My best bookseller-mad props out to you for selling like a hundred books for me!!) Rachel Foster, Pat Bennett and her dear mother Jeanne, Sheryl from OCSfC, Vi Solis, and more-it was like Old Home week! THANK YOU so much for the support!
I have been talking to Mary Grimes about Italy and I thought Id drop in some pictures-It will be in May and you simply have to join us! -go to com or you will go to Sea Kayaking Italy) -This will be Fun Romans in Italy-where those lovely letters came from- in a beautiful fabric book. we'll explore etruscan caves and go to the vineyard -the open air market-make pasta-watch the sunset from the cathedral steps-sounds good? Join us!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


HERES some new stuff Ive been working on-I'm so crazed getting ready for ArtFiber Fest and the day after I return-Houston Quilt Show!
I am busy cutting fabric and making packets-so much to think about -and not feeling all that well on top of it!
I am definitely going to Boston in November -14th thru 16th ( Absolutely Farricker's amazing fun store)-but first a local class here at the Art Bar November 9th. Im going to separate my teaching gigs into Local and not in the next few days-the website is under construction-rehab for websites! I do NOt recommend Network Solutions for building your own site-its NOT user friendly!
IF youve been thinking of going to Burning Man here are some killer pictures of the last one-link on right-Scott London is a great photographer! This past weekend I went to the LA Burning Man DeCom-danced like crazy-I'll try to get some of those pics up soon
OH! go to Carol Parks website on the right-She has put my new class description up and photos of Momento Mori Book. That will be in January-the last weekend-you just have to copme and see her incredible art house-worth the price of admission for sure!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Surprise! The event I organized last week was a huge success and made the front page of the Local paper! It was a really amazing day with people really wanting to express themselves. Chalk 4 Peace is an International event that takes over the worlds sidewalks and streets and lets people express themselves through free expression-Its held yearly but I want to do something like this again very soon!! The kids were so free-a great lesson for those of us who are stuck! It was a hot day -you can check out more poictures on my Flickr account ...and tomorrow I will be creating an infinite banner with ArtPeace-a group Ive recently become involved with, at the We Love Long Beach picnic. It will kick off a years worth of events that involve children and peace-what could be better!? Im hoping its not too hot-or that we will be in the shade! I will place a link on the side for this too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


WILD NIGHT IN FROGTOWN! Thats a new art district that is well, pretty rough-near Dodger stadium
I went to see my friends work-hard at work painting on live ladies-go to my Flickr site for more The Mannequins were amazing-all so totally different-theres no way you can say these are not artists of the highest caliber. Thanks was there painting but I missed Steam and Paka-they may have been there-there were hundreds of people there! Amazing live painting by Koffe-twirling the flat brush in a way calligraphers can only dream of!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is the certificate and here is a link to the event-It looks like it was amazing-movie stars and everything! You must visit their website ( click on the title above for pics of the event itself) and see the incredible work these unsung till now heroes are doing ( and I dont mean the way overhyped heroes on tv) What a pleasure to do this work for them

I have been busy getting ready for the Local Chalk 4 Peace event that I organized-Its a global project that I am holding Friday at my farmer' market-Its going to be great day of art and kids and excitement!

And there's more-that night will be the Girls gone Graff event in NOHO-Stefanie and Maria might join me! My friends Steam and Thanks will be painting on mannequins or live girls-there will be about 20 graff artists-so I will definitely be bringing tha black book and the camera! Paka will be there too

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BACK TO THE BLOG-So much to tell!

As always. that seems to be my life! September was supposed to slow down?
Saturday was my book signing at Barnes and Noble-thanks to Jody Jean it was a great turn out and so much fun. The art was a happening and many friends came by to wish me well! What a great spot-you can look at books-and make art-the next event will feature my friend Stephanie from Craftside-blog link at right!! November 1st-she will do a demo of needle felting and you will get to try it too! Stephanie wrote the great book Sweater Surgery you have to see_great creative ideas for old sweaters.
There was a very cute little boy named Tom who was a genius at lettering!
Here also is a present I made for my friends Hannah and Leah who were married last week
aaaaaaand a certificate I did for Free the Slaves-a great org-go visit their site and give them money!! At Right!!) It was to be signed by Archbishop Tutu-No pressure!
Watercolor Flowers begins tonight in the OC-Love to teach that class!!