Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here is a picture of my hero Dr. Nissen! ( THAT PROBABLY ISNT ME IN THE SURGERY)who on Dec 17th performed the most amazing liver surgery on me at CEDARS Sinai. The surgery was 10 hours and he removed a tumor the size of a volleyball and 99% of all the other tumors so im free and clear of all tumors!! I was in the hospital for a week-ugh and then on Christmas eve went to stay at my in laws-Anne and John-I SHOULD SAY MY ANGELS-THEY TOOK CARE OF ME AND MY EVERY WISH ( sorry- I got a new IMAC AND the caps key is close to the a! Kristin returned early rom India on New Years day and we went home-to the kitties -JEFF TOOK REALLY great care of them and the house-I AM SO BLESSED! I am now up nad about more and more every day-going to CHA for a booksigning and demo-but still use the hoverround in Ralphs-too much fun!! It has been an interesting experience to let go of all the small stuff an appreciate whats important. I am profoundly moved by your love and caring-your prayers and wishes were totally felt and appreciated-Thank you so very much and I hope to beon here moreand more to tell you of the exciting plans I have!!