Saturday, February 9, 2013


MY OPENING- was amazing! Over 200 people came-I am just getting round to blogging about this -Im kinda gobsmacked still! So lucky I am to have Barbara Close join in this adventure with me-her work is amazing and I think it worked out well-the gallery is still open all month if you missed it. BIG THANKS to Karen Reside in giving us this opportunity -getting it all organized and backing this 100%-we have big plans for lettering, calligraphy and classes at CALB-stay tuned
The night started with IMPACC being the most wonderful host-wrangling spoken word artist and  we were all blown away by the talent-the girls from Society for Calligraphy, Francine, Judy S, Mary Grimes, Bev Womack, and Emily Dennis arrived and started writing bookmarks-thanks to DeAnn Singh for the help here-everyone loved their work. Urban Voodoo performed with cellist Darius Gottlieb, Urban Voodoo brought his consortium of oh so talented poets! Ty and Andre did a live painting that rocked all night, THANKS to all my friends that showed and support my stuff-I know its always a crazy time-and you all still go along with me and I so  appreciate it-who know s whats next-oh yeah -Its time for Letters California Style Next week-Im teaching Water color flowers that I love-but what a change from these huge social justice pieces-I just want to do it all
Early audience-there was a full house soon

The man! Urban Voodoo-where all these amazing words came from

Darius on cello-Andre in hat painting

IMPACC wowing the crowd
OK! You have to see pics of the artists and the work and the gallery so go to my flickr site-linked up here at the right!