Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Kentucky trip!

At Last -back to the blogosphere-I have been so busy lately -I havent been able to get down to this-I HAVE posted the pictures of this wonderful trip-but I want to tell you about it all! Please go to my Flickr account to see these lovely pieces form this talented group-link on lower right-It says Flickr and some numbers
I was met at the airport by Paula Hardesty-look for her teaching her soldering tricks at Artiscape come spring-and wisked way to Gaye Medbury's ( also teaching book structures at artiscape) amazing and I mean AAmazing studio-I was in shock and didnt take any pictures-but check her out in Studios magazine-it was overwhelming-everywhere I looked there was inspiration-there were stations for metal/collage/art-and drawers and drawers of buttons and doodads too many to mention-but -heres the rub-it was all impeccably organized-wowee! I could live there forever-just throw me some food now and then-Fabric/ assemblage-oh my!
Then off to the location of the workshop where we met Leslie Mc Carthy who owns the cutest darn fabric shop for Miles-Its called Making Ends Meet-( and its offshoot-Making Ends Meet Too)I have some pics of the shop up-I stayed at her house-well-it is a farm she lives on and the house was sooo beautiful-of course the window treatments and all beds and sofas covered in dreamy fabrics and the trims! I woke up to overlooking the acreage-it was a bit cool for me there-Jeff and Leslie Made me feel so at home-the weekend flew by! The workshop was wonderful-I met a few people there I knew from Art Unraveled-Marilyn-! found out we were both friends of the Kurutz's! and went to their wedding in LBC! Susan and m any more new friends! Wonderful work and the nicest people-I am truly going ot miss the people when I stop teaching. OK_ Morelater- There is so much to tell-Graffitti Collab is on and I will post about that and oh yeah the Dallas Retreat whoa! WIll blog bout this imminently! Thank you Louisville and the Kentuckianians!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back from Canada!

Beautiful British Columbia! I am so happy to have visited this beautiful place! I was again treated like a queen-special thanks to my helpers-and hosts-First I stayed in Vancouver at the lovely home designed and decorated so artfully by architect/artist Maureen Berris! Violet Smythe organized this workshop and wow-was it wonderful-everything I needed and wanted was there for me-ready to go!The West Coast guild is just filled with wonderful people! I again have posted their work on my flickr-but of course I goofed and loaded the last slides first-so they are in backwards!- I am never ever used to the incredible talent that I get to see working and producing such beautiful stuff-Inspiring me !
I then went by ferry ( fantastic!) to Vancouver island-where the beautiful Lorie Rogers got me-=and we went to the Crow and Gate pub in t he middle of nowhere-=a wonderful pub and garden where we met Marilyn Silver-then on to my lecture-which went really well!
Barb Qualley hosted me and Connie Furgason in her lovely home right next to the bay-and yippee we went on a boat ride commandeered by her able husband Stew-we went right at dusk and grilled lamb kebobs on the boat. I cant describe to you the beauty of this place-so quiet and peaceful and the incredible hospitality!
the Warmland calligraphers were so much fun-I really enjoyed them all-thank you for bringing me to your lovely 'warm' land-a little bit hot the first day!! Check out the classwork!
But good! so I was off to another ferry-this time to Tuwassen? where Violet met me again and hosted me for the night-then a quick but great tour of Richmond and the pretty town of Steveston- AND the Olympic Oval-thats me above there!-a fantastic all green structure where the ice speed skating will be held-I went crazy for the Olympic pins-and the mascot is really really cute! Quatchi? I think?
So Im back-reaclimating myself to Socal-I tell you-if they didnt have winter there in BC Id think about moving there!

Next up is Louisville, Kentucky!
Oh and they have TWO SPOTS OPEN! contact Paula at -Its the weekend of the 17th of October and there will be one day of funky letters and one day of letters on fabric... sweeet!-A Lot of fun! Im down to my last few teaching gigs and its somewhat bittersweet-I'll miss the teaching part -seeing the artists work-but im so excited about the future!

Oh and guess what -don't spread this around-well I guess you can and I wish you would!-its not totally official but my Graffitti COLAB with Alisa Burke and Traci Bautista may be happening in Dec at the Art Bar. A total weekend immersion in all things graffiti-creating a super cool messenger bag, portfolio, accessories and more- A live art event open to the public, creativity talks etc etc...

OK_must rest-Im working on my Ofrenda-altar-for my dad for the Dia de Los Muertos event coming up-will post pics sunday! Im gonna really try to be more consistent with this!