Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My very first tat!

Go to my facebook page to see this beautiful tat on the lovely Jana Jennings! These photos dont do it justice at all!
I am going in for surgery Thursday! Jeff will hopefully update my Facebook as to how Im doing so check it out! Wish me luck-OK Breathe Deeply!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have vaguely been referencing an upcoming surgery-and its been delayed again! I have some problems and they want to make sure I am 100% before I undergo this! The deets are I have been diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome which in me means I have several large tumors in my liver-that was what all the sickness was from last year. I found one of the best doctors in this specialty at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles-turns out hes a calligrapher! Dr. Wolin has recommended I undergo a liver resection to take out the tumors. they may have been there for years. His surgery guy is Dr. Nissen and I believe I am very lucky to be in his hands. I also love that the symbol for this cancer is the Zebra-and the ribbon for this is zebra striped! I will be in the hospital for a week and recuperating for a month or two after-so the sabattical Idea was wise! These tumors are very dormant and not a spreading type-but the surgery will be major and about 8-10 hours-yikes!
Ive heard Cedars has good food though! ( not that I'll be able to eat it for awhile!)
I thank you for all the good wishes and prayers and cards and letters-I know I am loved and I love you all too. I have so so many blessings. I will try to update this blog at the hospital-no promises-but for sure my son will post on my Facebook page!

Oh Oh-and grand news-I was just photographed for the LA Weekly magazine with Jose Martinez ( Steam) at Homeland about the graffitti /calligraphy program we are starting up-I have NO IDEA when this will be coming out-I hope to be able to pass this on to you-but just in case-keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

friend links

ok-I said that I would post Martha and Janells websites but dumb blogger wouldnt let me
Martha Lever www.marthalever.blogspot.com
Janell Wimberly www.jkwimberlydesign.com

these are two incredibly talented gals-uh I mean artists and they are just as wonderful in person as their work portrays!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have to apologize to the artists of the last post-I placed their art works askew-here are two finished projects
the last photo is from the fabulous Martha Lever-her finished quilt-Ive posted her website on the right-there are many pics of the workshop and a video of her backgrounds-she was wonderful!

ANd the first three photos are Janell Wimberlys-she took the Book of Intentions to the next level creating a lovely book for her late friend Terry Porter amazing-go now to her website to see the entire book! Listed at right!

Im off to hospital adventures this week-surgery is Wednesday - I promise to update my blog and Facebook as to my progress-even if it is my son doing the posting!-more to come tomorrow

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wonderful Alabama! My last away teaching gig for a while and what a wonderful one to go out on! I stayed with the best host and hostess-Deb and Doug Warnat and started my weekend at Moe's Barbeque-we met Kalli Kenney there and closed the place playing with pens and ink!!-you'll have to go to my Flickr to see these places. The weather was beautiful and the workshop the next two days was great! The work produced was amazing-and I had artists from all over-and all media. Sandra and Judy from Memphis and Martha and Patrea from Florida! What an honor that they drove so far to take from me-We went to Dayrons Low Country restaurant and enjoyed local cuisine-It was such a great night and I discovered Hoppin John and Reesy Peasy. On the Sunday night after the workshop Deb brought me to the most beautiful choral concert by the Sursum Corda vocal group-Jewish Liturgical songs-but the theme this evening was thanksgiving. It was so neat-I so wish my mom and Kristin couldve been there! I LOVE choral music-especially in a beautiful church with awesome acoustics!I will so miss meeting these amazing people and I have to thank everyone who haas hosted me and taken a workshop from me and supported my art-Im off to new adventures! Im so excited! ( I will have a brief detour of major surgery on Wednesday but more on this later!)