Thursday, January 15, 2009


Heres a couple samples of my Make it and Take It project I'll be doing at the Craft and Hobby convention here in Anaheim next week. Thousands of people and vendors come to this-ALot of friends will be there-Traci Bautista, Alisa Burke, Roann Mathias and many more-Its kind of like old home week-but a great chance to network and try to make connections. I'll be signing books at my Publisher-(Rockport's) booth on Monday and Tuesday from 11-1-I'm also filming two videos to be on their website too!

Oh and I have VERY EXCITING ITALY news breaking as we speak! Coming very soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

A fantastic new year awaits-its so exciting-all shiny and new and everything for the taking-I LOVE new beginnings! Ive finally returned to the blogosphere-Im spending too much time on Facebook-or crackbook as some people call it-I did post some new photos on my Flickr-some photos of the book of Elvis and also some of the Piece I did for Tracie Huskamp=I like it alot-this is the piece pictured above!

Whats up with me-Im doing some art-not enough but getting stuff ready to submit to the new publication called Art Quilt from Stampington-Ive waded into the mess that is my studio and files and begun to get organized!
CHA ( The Craft Hobby Association convention in Anaheim)is soon where I'll be doing Make and Takes on Monday and Tuesday at my publisher's booth( Rockport Quarry) I'll also be doing a couple videos-I'll let you know where you can see them!
I'll post the samples of my coloring-in letters. another new alphabet!

I am really getting into the tattoo letters-I'll be teaching a class onthis at ArtFest in April and also Im so pleased to announce-that I will be returning to Art Unraveled this August-I'll be teaching Tats,Graff and Freestyle Letters and also another really fun class-Hand Lettered Journal Pouch-photos soon

My most exciting date this Spring is Italy!!-Please sign up now before its too late-Ive heard the airfares are going down and this is a great time to book. I iwll be passing on more and more info-but imagine an entire week in a small hilltop town in italy-to just make letters and books on fabric and relax in the beautiful countryside-I can hardly wait-go to the link on the right!!