Thursday, August 20, 2009


Man was it hot in Phoenix! ABout 114 degrees is all. But my little camry ran like a top and it was a beautiful road trip to the Embassy Suites . My classes were again amazing-I use that word a lot I know but I keep getting these artists in my classes that surprise me beyond belief-Check out the pics on my Flickr link. The vendor extravaganza was so much fun-seeing friends and meeting new ones-thanks to all who supported this starving artist! Well you know what I mean-I appreciate your support beyond words!
The last night I was there Some Guy-the mastermind behind the 1000 Journals Project presented his documentary-Its on Netflix-rent it! What a crazy story of desire and madness and communal art. He brought about 20 of the real journals that have found their way back home so we got to see them and ...yes WRITE in them! Tracy Moore is one of the movies stars.
I have the utmost respect for this project and Id liek to do something big like this on my sabbatical next year!
Today Barb Close and I took Yves Leterme-yes that Yves Leterme to the Sawdust festival in Laguna Beachand had really good conversations about creativity-commerce and being an artist. He is a great guy-and incredibly talented!
Here's some pics of Art Unraveled stuff

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Iron and Ink

OK_ a little tired here-heres the pics of Iron and INk! I apologize to my friend Andy Marsh and Eric Jones for not formatting their photo-go to the Flicker and see how neato this event was-so many cool cars, babes and dudes tatted up-burlesque-art-Super cool tat artists-three floors full!

Phoenix here I come

Ack-still no consistency of posts on this blog-I apologize-Life is just happening so fast right now!
Monday I have a gigundo scan with a radioactive isotope injected in me and then pictures taken -at 8 and 24 hours-Its so expensive they wont tell me how much it is!!
But that should be the definitive one-and Im feeling fine now-well not exactly now because I have to be off my meds for the scan-but by the time Im in Phoenix for art unravelled I should be golden!
Here are some pics- Idyllwild pics-go to my Flickr site for more of this!the class was amazing

from the blackbook sessions -a wonderful program that gives awards to kids for their lettering art-
This was an incredibleevent