Wednesday, September 26, 2007

St. Louis Trip!

The pictures are up of my wonderful trip to St. Louis! I stayed in a magnificent house really near the park where the Worlds Fair was held-they have kept the park as a showpiece for the city and its beautiful. I was treated like a queen-thank you to Caroline , her family, Leslie Barnes, Kathy Orf and Adona Dieble for shlepping me around! The guild was amazing-check out the work! I loved all of them-I learned so much. Flo gave me a great lesson-she said "Its not about the money-Its about making people feel good" I will write more in a bit-heres a picture of Ted Drewes where I had the Cardinal Sin , tart cherries, hot fudge and vanilla ice custard-wow!
The book is turned in! I sent it off last Friday and when the gal at Kinkos asked what was in the box-I was so proud to say my Book!
I think its going to be great!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mary Engelbreit!!

I am thrilled to announce I will be featured in the June /July issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion in the Paper Scissors Crop section!
I met the editor Jen Cushman at Art Unraveled and hit it off and now its true!
I always joke about being Mary's evil twin -but now Im going to have to shape up! No devil images for the book Im making!
OF Course I'll remind everyone as it gets closer
Got my dummy pages of my book and Im so excited!

Burning Man pics are up!!

This is the AFTER photo!! Click on the flickr link at the right and checkout the pics from the trip from hell. We survived the worst dust storm in ages in the Black Rock river playa-Oh wait -there were two dust storms and then it rained and turned the dust to mud-It was 100 degrees or more -It was amazing at night -the art was great. But Im not sure if I want to go back again. On the day we woke up to leave early the car broke and the rental car company wouldnt come get us as we were at Burning Man. Looking at a $500 tow it was wonderful to see that Kristin had the car started after I hitchhiked into town and waited two hours for the tow truck driver to come. The line to get out at that point was horrendous-it took us 7 hours to travel the 100 miles to Reno( 3 hours alone getting out of the Burning Man proper) FUN!! Kristin says that karmically we're owed big time. An incredible patience lesson!! Enjoy the pics! Still going on the book-got my first dummy pages today and Im super thrilled!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Burning Man Report

Here we are -the before picture-It was a harrowing trip-we almost didnt make it back! I will post the pics on flickr when I get a chance-Im on deadline with the book and frantic to say the least