Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Work Now in Somerset Home

Here is a better cover image of the Somerset Home magazine now on newstands everywhere! My Dream Pillows are featured thru out!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back from Arizona!

I am finally back to the computer and I've uploaded some photos from Art Unraveled-It was great time! Wonderful classes and students-who did phenomenal work!! I apologize to me Swirls and Twirls class as their photos didnt really come out so great-my bad- The Letter Tool Time class was amazing too!and my Cosanti photos are all mixed in with my class ones! Ive got to learn the Flicktr deal
Cosanti was cool again -well it was sweltering hot but the place is a mazing-you have to go if youre ever there-the dude-Paolo Solieri is a most amazing guy-designer architect and 88! still going strong-we spied him swimming! The bells are beautiful as is the place
On the way home there was this most beautiful sunset-I had plenty of time to enjoy it as the freeway was closed due to an accident=I think im still recovering.Back to my book-the deadline is looming! Please go to the Flickr link at the side here to view the latest photos

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Now featured in Somerset Home and Countdown To AU!!

Im getting excited and its a mess in my house-Its so nice that noone cares that its crazyhere-Only 3 days till I leave and I have a ton of things to do_I'd love to have been farther on the book than I am but oh well-When I get back I'll really crank on it-

Im so excited-my Dream Pillows are featured in a cover article in the new Somerset Home-They really did a great job of photographing them-I will also have alot of art at Art Unraveled. Trying to get a bit of my art out there in the world-More tomorrow!