Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day one of Sabrina

One word-whoa!
much more later

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colorado-The Artist's Nook! and MORE!

OK-the transfer thingy has been lost so I cant transfer photos right now- but I will soon! I returned last Monday from beautiful Colorado-I taught at the Artist's Nook in Fort Collins -run by my friend Christine Webb. It was a delightful three days-wonderful people and lovely days. The weather was perfect-although I heard that it was over 100 degrees here in Long Beach. So I missed out on that-( the weather here has been so cold-iots not summery at all!) I stayed in a cool guest house that was extremely quiet- WE ate like kings- at the Rio for mexican and the Cafe Vino-I started teaching at ten on two days-11:00 on Sunday so I actually slept in and then taught-amazin! Thank you so much to Christine-good luck to her as she changes locations to a really neat storefront thats perfect for her-a great space for workshops and the location is perfect-the Bellvue Store-oh you have to go through LaPorte to get there-my mom was born in LaPorte, Iowa! go to to check out her classes-LeighannaLight is next up-then Lynne Perella! I'll put a link at the right-check my Flickr for pics in a few days!

So BIG NEWS-I got in the Sabrina Ward Harrison workshop this weekend-it was totally meant to be-Its in North Hollywood at Carol parks Studio-I'll be in fine company-Anahata Katkin, Dorit Alisha, and my book designer Dawn Sokol!

Oh Oh I am so over the moon about my book. I think the price will be $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping-This will include a personalized copy and an exclusive print. Check back for details. Im gearing up for the release-so many plans to be made!
so I better go to bed and begin again tomorrow-my email has been acting up today and I dont know if I'll have it for sure tomooroow!

OH and I was so surprised when I opened my Cloth Paper Scissors Embellishmnets today-there was my DVD and my lettering featured first! I didnt even know that Pokey had received it. Lucky, blessed me!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


So-its been really weird weather here in SoCal-rain, hail, tornadoes too! ( Of course I planned a barbeque last night and it poured-no somemores for us! )

and that reminds me-when I visited Montana-it actually snowed! It was entirely to cold for me-and thats pretty much anything under 60 degrees-so when I woke up one morning and it was 16 degrees I pretty much laughed!! On April 20th!! yikes-Well I stayed with the delightful Mary Alice Spencer and her very kind husband -she of the Kitty Litter Cake-check it out on my Flickr account-link on the right! There was a lovely reception- The workshop was incredible-gosh I met the nicest people-thank you all for the honor of letting me come to your beautiful land. The second night Edie hosted us all at her lovely home with the best studio with prize winning view of big skies! I have the best job ever!! Here are some of the things people did-( incredible huh?) more on the flickr- Thank you so much to Becky Smith and Ruth and all that I met!

The last day I had a late flight and so I taught a short funky letters workshop heres some samples above-my colleagues continue to amaze ( and inspire) me!!

also a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have already preordered my book-the response has been overwhelming, gratifying and incredible considering you are all buying something site unseen. I really think you'll like it-some of my daughter's friends were over last night and they thought it was really cool and that is huge! OK-Blogging on Colorado tomorrow and also Mary Engelbreit's bright star Jen Cushman!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is a very big day!

Today my advance copy of my book arrived. I so wanted to share this with a person that was helping me all the way-but that was not to be-Fortunately my daughter and I arrived home from being together today and there it was on the doorstep. Its really like having a baby and having the nurse put it in your arms. My editor had given me a heads up and she said she loved it-thanks again Mary Ann! And guess what ? I really really love it. It is just beautiful and the end papers with all my scribbling look incredible! It was so worth it-so worth all the craziness and re-dos and proofing and all of it. There is so much going on-I must get my paypal account going -for now I am taking preorders to my email account! Please email me your name and address and to whom you want it personalized and I'll add you to my queue. email me at I will enclose a special print of work made just for this event! ( Publication date is set for July 1st!)I have a helper now who has promised to help make this happen swiftly!
Geez-I was just enjoying the Mary Engelbreit high -this is too too much-how incredibly blessed I am!
I think everyone in all aspects of my circle will enjoy this-there's somethng for everyone!
Thank you to all my contributors!! too-Look for the date of the first open book signings-of course they will be special-incorporating book and body signings, ( creative words I will letter on your body parts!) a dj and live callligraphic painting

( I promise to blog about my trips to Montana and Colorado tomorrow!)

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is here!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Chicago Quilt Show!

Here is just a little taste of what happened in Chicago where I taught last month! Go to the Flickr site for more pics, more hearts! The students were wonderful and this happened during the American Airlines thing-but fortunately I wasnt on an MD80! I met the nicest people-including the adorable and very talented Kelli Perkins-she was in two of my classes-check out her blog at the site listed at right!So prolific and I hear rumor of a book coming from her!
Im off to Virginia for Art and soul-an early early flight! I hate going to the east coast-but coming home is great as I gain three hours-well not really but in my little head thats what I think
More on Montana when I return!


I have to apologize-my post about the DVD did not have my email-so its probably hard to order it if you cant contact me!
My email is
I will blog more but I am going to crash with my new favorite poet's book-I went to his reading the other night and he blew me away! His name is Frank X. Gaspar and here's a snippet-Cant wait to letter this stuff!

From Night of a Thousand Blossoms

Well, is it really wise to search for guidance in a small room
cluttered with books and papers, with a glass of whiskey
and a box of wheat crackers, with my eyes ticking like
the brass tide-clock on the plaster wall? When the house sleeps
huddled in the city’s jasmine night? Night of a thousand blossoms
I can’t name? Night of a soft marine layer, Pacific fog
hanging about a hundred yards up, a gauze, a parchment?
I am hidden thus from my duties, I can escape the moral law.
Isn’t it written, didn’t Lord Krishna himself say that we mustn’t
relinquish the action we are born to, even if it is flawed?

Photo of my cat Kula-just one of the cat posse