Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Events! More craziness!

Oh-I am having Burning Man withdrawals-Its so weird-because when we went three years ago that was the exact same time Katrina hit and now this Gustav thing is heading there. We both said we'd never go again but When I look at the art on the website I get the itch to go again! I still want to do Craft Camp there-any takers?
I am now daughter less and must write in my blog and be responsible! Please go see the pictures of the party and Art Unraveled and Seattle trip-Nils and Rebeccas cool wedding-well actually sweltering and here are new events to promote-My book has sold out its first printing!
My party was fantastic! Here are a couple pictures but go to the below links for moreA Huge Thank you to all my friends who attended my Book Launch Party
We had a grand time writing on two huge panels-one my graffiti artist friends and the other my SfC friends-the graff artists came after the SfCers and added their own special type of lettering-its funny because we really are all letter geeks and talk the same language! If you'd like to see pictures of the party please go to or ( I also have photos on my Flickr site)

If you missed the event please join me next Saturday night in Santa Ana at the First Saturday Artist's Village Open Studios at the Art Bar. I'll be signing books and demonstrating something calligraphic at the Art Bar-downstairs at 207 N. Broadway! This is a very cool evening out-All the artists studios are open and there's live music and great restaurants . For more info please go to or
Heres more info on that...

The Artists Village Open House
Is always the first Saturday of every month. Come rain, shine, or holiday, the event will always take place between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Parking can be found in the 'Artists Village Parking Structure' at Third Street and Broadway. Walk through the galleries and studios, see a live performance or just hang out and enjoy the music. It is FREE and you always have a great time. The Open House schedule for 2008 is: September 6,
October 4, November 1, and December 6.

Browse the galleries. Stop in on a studio. See a work of art come to life. In Santa Ana, you'll find art in all stages. Sometimes you find exactly what you've been looking for. You always find something you weren't.

Barnes and Noble, Marina Pacifica, Long Beach will be hosting an Artist Trading Card Workshop on Saturday, September 13th 12-5. This is a marvelous DIY make it and take it event-all supplies are free and there's plenty of cool new reference books to look through. Free refreshments, Freebies and goodie bags. You are welcome to bring ATCs to trade or come make some to trade. Marina Pacifica Shopping Center, 6326 East PCH, Long Beach, 562-431-2253 I will be signing books and demonstrating from 1 till 3-(You are welcome to bring your book to be signed )

Thank you all for your continued support! Lisa Engelbrecht

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More coming soon

So the computer is back to the shop and Im getting ready to say goodbye to my daughter who leaves for India on Friday for 6 months ( although I will be joining her Jan 1st!)
Bottom line-Im behind on blogging BUT I have posted my most recent pics to my Flickr account-they are all jumbled but include the Party and Seattle trip and Art Unraveled-please sift through and enjoy and I will tell all very soon
Thank you all for coming out to party wiht me -a special thanks to the UTI crew for generally being the life of the party ( besides Diana D who never fails at that!) awesome art from the guys and the calligraphers-a wonderful collab

Monday, August 25, 2008

It Was Fabuloous!

The party! More than I could ask for-a wonderful time-I will post my pics and describe it all to you very soon-BUT if you cannot wait-the crack reporting team of the wonderful Stefanie and Maria have blogged and quickly put up their pics at the Craftside blog-( My publisher's!) I have a link to the right-so go check it out and tomorrow I'll get my pics up-what a wonderful night ( Have I mentioned it was wonderful??) it was-THANKS to all who came and all who did ART!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Please come to my Book Launch Party! Here is the info-and all are welcome-I have some very special guests coming! The amazing Jill Bell and many of my contributors. Wonderful piano music and we're working on some cool live music too-Tacos, Beer-all free!!

B O O K L A U N C H P A R T Y!
Please come celebrate the Release Of *

by Lisa Engelbrecht
Rockport/Quarry Publishers
SUNDAY, AUGUST 24th-5:00 pm ‘till whenever!
6329 Mariquita Street, Long Beach, 90803

featuring Very Special Guests...
My contributors!
Plus Surprise guests
LIVE CALLIGRAPHIC PAINTING by Lisa and the contributors

( only the finest on the west coast!)
These panels will be auctioned off to benefit
the Homeland Cultural Center Murals Program

Wine and Beer
Live Music
Absolutely no obligation to buy the book or DVD-
(the contributors and I would love to sign your book-
so bring it if you have it!)
I just want to celebrate with you!
This will also be a Bon Voyage party for Kristin and Sarah
as they embark on their next great adventures

I Have the pleasure of announcing that I will be book signing and demo-ing at the First Saturday Art Walk in Santa Ana Artists Colony for the Art Bar-This will be Saturday September 6th, 7 to 9 pm. Books will be available for purchase -This is such a great event-live music-open studios. Go to yhe l;ink on the right for the Art BAr for more info
Sorry-to be so sporadic here but life is pretty much a full tilt boogie right now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show!

The beautiful Long Beach weather attracted scores-no make that thousands and thousands of quilters to the Convention center-and even though Judy M told them that they better be ready the center was definitely not ready for these many people! They ran out of food and had only two ticket takers for the thousands in line-Women hung from the rafters-some fainted in the food lines! They had to call a tactical alert and bring out the mounted patrol because there was no parking
but this will return next year-so make a date
I returned from Chicago and dived into the mess-Tracy and Allison Stilwell were my houseguests and arrived on Monday-you know them as the famous ArtGirlz-go to or see the last issue of Quilting Arts for their article-they are so very cool-I wasnt much of a hostess-and kinda waved to them as I rushed to teach classes. Traci Bautista was also my houseguest! This was alot of fun and really crazy-I think next year dont plan two conferences for the same week-( duh!) Ive posted some photos of the amazing work-the colors! The inventiveness-and once again I learned more from my students-They were all so very nice considering the challenges they faced getting there!
I was constantly in trouble with the staff of the center-they thought my lasagna pans full of coffee and tea for ageing fabric meant I was cooking! Uh Oh...and I had wayyy too much supplies that I had to lug back-the downside of living close-but the good thing is it was only a few miles to work and no hotel to pay for
Im off next to Art Unraveled in Phoenix on Tuesday so no blogging for a while-If youre in the area-I'll be doing temporary tattoos in calligraphy Tuesday night and signing books a tthe Embassy suites-go to also at the Creative Quest on Friday night for a casual demo-book signing. I would love to meet you!! go to
ALSO I will have my book and DVD for sale at the Vendor day Saturday, August 9th-plus alot of prints and such-Angel wings and wood type!

Friday, August 1, 2008

First half of a Crazy week-Conference!

Too much is what I would define as the last week I had-and It doesn't look like it will slow anytime soon-i have to get prepped for Art Unravelled next week-but I wanted to pop in and write about conference and the Quilt show-first off -the Letters mingle Souls Lettering Conference was held in the best place to live in America-Naperville Illinois-and it was true-the houses that lines the streets were out of a movie set. The campus was nice and large-They had two old timey trolleys to transport the participants-I never used them though-too impatient-It rained the first day but I managed with the cover of my pillowcase;

Here are some pictures of my students/colleagues work-they were amazing-They even let me drag them out under the tree and talk about the mystery of unfolding! Definitely check out the classe's pictures at my flickr site-link on the right! It was such a wonderful sharing group of women and I hope we can keep in touch. It was wonderful to have 2 1/2 days to stretch out the creating.
The opening night presentation was a film collaboration by Brody Nuenschwander and a dance troupe and filmmaker-bringing to life the words through visuals and sounds-amazing-He took the text from the amazing book-Body Type -you have to check this out to see what people will tattoo text wise on their bodies-I loved the tatt that says
Yes I said yes I will yes-LOVE that quote-Dont know if Im ready to have it tattooed on me yet
My daughter is having a heart tattoed on her arm designed by her girlfriend-cant wait to see it
Oh the second night event was Rick Valencenti-graphic designer -very famous -but an incredible talent and very funny
OK-I missed the show and tell as I had to rush back to Long Beach for the new quilt show here in town!! I wi;ll; blog about that tomorrow
OK-hows my spelling?

OH and I have to announce I will be teaching at ArtFest! I will be introducing two new classes-Tats/Graff/ and Freestyle Lettering
and AllSaints Pocket Wallet-the site is about to go online so check out the websitre will post pics of these classes very soon-promise!!