Monday, May 21, 2007

Book News! and off to Santa Barbara for a small trip!

yes-Im really writing-Im a writer-ha that sounds so funny! I have pretty much finished the first two chapters-and look at the line up for the contributors!!
Peter Thornton
Denis Brown.
Stephen Rapp,
Xandra Zamora
and Linda Hirsh!!
It is so incredible that they all agreed-Its going to be so exciting to see this all come together. I wont be at Island Magic and that may be jsut as well as I really need to make this perfect-Its crazy to think that what I write will be seen by so many-I was doing the script exemplar today freaking out that it wasnt perfect!-oh well! Ive Got to let that go!! Im not perfect and Ive got to make this book for everyone-warts and all!

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