Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back from Arizona!

I am finally back to the computer and I've uploaded some photos from Art Unraveled-It was great time! Wonderful classes and students-who did phenomenal work!! I apologize to me Swirls and Twirls class as their photos didnt really come out so great-my bad- The Letter Tool Time class was amazing too!and my Cosanti photos are all mixed in with my class ones! Ive got to learn the Flicktr deal
Cosanti was cool again -well it was sweltering hot but the place is a mazing-you have to go if youre ever there-the dude-Paolo Solieri is a most amazing guy-designer architect and 88! still going strong-we spied him swimming! The bells are beautiful as is the place
On the way home there was this most beautiful sunset-I had plenty of time to enjoy it as the freeway was closed due to an accident=I think im still recovering.Back to my book-the deadline is looming! Please go to the Flickr link at the side here to view the latest photos

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