Wednesday, September 26, 2007

St. Louis Trip!

The pictures are up of my wonderful trip to St. Louis! I stayed in a magnificent house really near the park where the Worlds Fair was held-they have kept the park as a showpiece for the city and its beautiful. I was treated like a queen-thank you to Caroline , her family, Leslie Barnes, Kathy Orf and Adona Dieble for shlepping me around! The guild was amazing-check out the work! I loved all of them-I learned so much. Flo gave me a great lesson-she said "Its not about the money-Its about making people feel good" I will write more in a bit-heres a picture of Ted Drewes where I had the Cardinal Sin , tart cherries, hot fudge and vanilla ice custard-wow!
The book is turned in! I sent it off last Friday and when the gal at Kinkos asked what was in the box-I was so proud to say my Book!
I think its going to be great!

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