Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quilt Show frenzy!

Emerging from the haze of the last week! I was in bed yesterday and had to go to the doctor-as the Hilton buffet on my trip to Houston and I did not agree! Unfortunately this happened midway thru my trip to Houston Quilt Show. I was really bad off-my poor roommate Traci B was so understanding! I did have to cancel one of my open Studio nights for Quilting Arts.
But the Quilt show is amazing!
Over 50,000 women-20o0 or so quilts-500 vendors. I taught 4 classes and a Sampler-which was a rotating station deal where I yelled for 3 hours at over 350 women. Funny-I got really ill right after that. I was so shaky and weak its amazing I made it through the next two days classes. I had to sit down every 10 minutes or so and put my head between my legs-Quite the teaching challenge-I think the classes went ok-I met so many neat people and got many wonderful comments. I will post the pictures in the morning-Im still not really energetic or anything like it! But back to reality
Thank you for all of those of you I met -and all the things you taught me. It is amazing how kind and supportive total strangers can be-it makes it all worth it.

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