Thursday, February 21, 2008

Letters California Style III!

OK! I've posted on my Flickr Site the photos of my fabulous class' fabric Books-( link on the right-go to the second page-the first p[age is some original art I have for sale!) They are incredible! The wonderful people I had in my class made this an amazing experience. We had a beautiful view of Mount Baldy with snow from our classroom-i brought tons of stuff and it was a great conference-Now we are planning the 4th installment-there were people from Japan, Canada and the East coast-we are beginning to create some buzz as a favorite boutique conference! Sign up at
I am still recovering-and I will be on to Portland
march 7-teaching the same project. -I cant wait to see what the North West will do!
Here are some pictures of my fellow artists work from

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Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Lisa! Someday I'll get to take a class from you, I swear it!!! Glad to know you had such a great time w/your class... it's wonderful when the mix is good, isn't it? Hey... I can't find your prior email to me, or I'd let you know via email, so I'll let you know here... I mentioned you in my blog, and awarded you an "Excellent Blog Award"... just a little mention from another blogger. Congrats!