Sunday, April 27, 2008

Begin at the beginning-PORTLAND!

So -I need to write about my recent adventures! and there are so many-I think I'll start-thats what I tell my students- begin anywhere!
My trip to Portland was really wonderful! I taught a Fabric Book class and here are some samples-check out more images in the Flickr link at the right, amazing and talented artists! I know that times were a bit tough in the past for the Portland Calligraphy Guild-but they are back big Time!!
I stayed in the most beautiful house-the home of Meri and Steve Taylor-what an incredible blessing-they treated me immediately to a great dinner cooked by Steve-Saturday night we had planned to go to Mary Ann David's for dinner and ended up in the emergency room! She tripped and fell on her shoulder and was in great pain so off we went-but in a way it was really fun-she made us laugh the whole time! She lives in a fairy tale house-lovely art on all her walls-and a killer studio-so beautiful-see the house on my site!
We laughed so much-Mary Ann still came to class the next day and completed her book-true calligraphic trooper that she is!
Heres a page from her book!( top one!)

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