Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can Control!

Yes I should be getting ready for conference-I should be filling book orders( I got most of them in the mail last week-so look for the book if youve pre ordered with me!) But Im kinda obsessed wiht the graff Im learning at Homeland-The guys there are so amazingly sharing with their skills and this week I begin learning to Paint -like with the cans and all! Scary but exciting-I asked Jeff the other day if he wanted to cut some stencils and go out painting-Im such a good role model mom!!Heres some more images from my teachers-more like masters-how lucky am I to hook up with these guys randomly and how lucky they dont think Im a freak and are indulging me?


Silly Sal said...

That is really kool, Lisa. Way beyond me. I just ordered your DVD. So excited. I think I pre-ordered you book. Emailed you about that. Thank you. Sally

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

wonderful Graffiti, you will have a great time.look forward to seeing how it developes in your future work.
do the Graf artists have a crew name, I would like to show their work to another graf artist