Friday, September 26, 2008


Surprise! The event I organized last week was a huge success and made the front page of the Local paper! It was a really amazing day with people really wanting to express themselves. Chalk 4 Peace is an International event that takes over the worlds sidewalks and streets and lets people express themselves through free expression-Its held yearly but I want to do something like this again very soon!! The kids were so free-a great lesson for those of us who are stuck! It was a hot day -you can check out more poictures on my Flickr account ...and tomorrow I will be creating an infinite banner with ArtPeace-a group Ive recently become involved with, at the We Love Long Beach picnic. It will kick off a years worth of events that involve children and peace-what could be better!? Im hoping its not too hot-or that we will be in the shade! I will place a link on the side for this too!

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Quilted Cavalier said...

we need more people in the world like you, lisa!