Friday, November 28, 2008

The Houston Update completed

At Last I have the opportunity to blog-ive been kinda sick lately so I havent kept up with much. Here are some images of the exhibit quilts in Houston-qnd I have uploaded my class pics too at the Flickr site. I have to say I wont be there next year but I'll be at the Long Beach Quilt Show-much closer! I was so sick in Boston that I really have been rethinking travelling at this point. I have got to de-stress first of all. I talked to my daughter yesterday and she is fine-way far away from the problems in India. Ive found it impossible to get a flight so I probably wont be going to India in january. I needed to get well anyways so maybe God and universe are helping me here! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you could spend it with those you love.


Quilted Cavalier said...
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Quilted Cavalier said...

sorry to hear that you've been sick. i hope you feel better soon. i see you'll be at the valley ridge art studio next year. hopefully i will be able to attend. it sounds like a moving workshop.