Monday, December 15, 2008

Momento Mori-a New Class for the New Year at Carol Parks studio

Oh I am so excited about this class-I will be teaching for three full days at the beautiful studio of Carol Heres the description and some photos-what's great about this class-other than it being in my SoCal neighborhood-is that we have three full days to make this incredible soulful book-I am so looking forward to it. The deadline for the discount entry to the class is January 1st-the class starts Friday Jan. 30 and goes thru the weekend. Please join me-I don't teach often enough in LA and this is really a great opportunity-to get to know letters and fabric and even yourself a bit more!Memento Mori
A Book of Remembrance and Joy
Lisa Engelbrecht, Instructor

The Roman General has a slave that follows him closely from behind. The slave whispers “Memento Mori” Remember you are mortal, remember you will die.

The symbolism of memento mori has occurred again and again in artworks for centuries. One’s inevitable death can have transformative power for their art. I like to think of it as “Ars Moriendi” The art of dying well or living righteously in this moment.
How can we work these extraordinary ideas into our art?
Join me as we create a very personal tribute book, filled with mementos and touchstones. This book will be a celebration and a memorial to our loved ones past and a commitment to a life and love to honor their memory.
On the first day we will begin by digging deep to create personal text. By using exercises in lettering and calligraphy on various surfaces we will develop a personal style of handwriting along with larger letter styles for titles and labels. Experimental tools and pens will allow us to give this book a unique lively stamp. The pages of the book will be either paper or fabric, or any found materials.
On the second day pages may be primed, sprayed, torn, stamped or painted with washes of color, creating textural backgrounds. Finding the correct pen or pigment and design of the page will be a part of the discovery.The book will be filled joyously and raucously with photos and collage of us and our family. Text in our own hand will fill the book.
On the third day simple photo transfer techniques will be introduced to quickly enter images here. Fabric layering and hand stitchery introduced. Mementos and amulets from our loved one’s past and our own personal items we will leave after our own passing will be placed into our book. The fabric cover of the book will be completed and simple sewing and finishing techniques presented.

What will you leave? What words would you say to those who follow you? There will be very big questions to ask ourselves and here will be a safe and nurturing space to explore this concept
The imagery of the Day of the Dead may inspire you-the Mexican tradition is one filled with joy -not sorrow. In fact its a giant party at the graveside-a celebration of life! And that’s what I intend this workshop to be-creating a book filled with the joy of life to remind us of memento mori.

Imagery cues! Skulls, Timepieces, the Grim reaper, angels of death, Day of the Dead skeletons

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