Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here are just a taste of the work that the amazing Washington Calligraphers and artists did in my classes-To experience all the work Please go to my Flickr site-you will be so inspired! The workshop was a two day affair and was the Hand Lettered Art Quilt-this was after my keynote speech at Letters of Joy entitled Acts of Hope. ( I will be repeating this lecture in Canada this fall-more info later) AND after a whirl wind day of 2 hour classes-I taught funky fill in letters and did it ever get wild in there! I wanted to sit down and draw and color-but the ideas people came up with are totally worth a visit to the Flickr site. I stayed with Sue and Jerry Gruhn who unfailingly helped me get my bags and act together and special thanks to Wendy for tech aid!!The campus was filled with little Notices all over-even the restrooms. The prompt was Notice...( fill in the blank) Some people put Notice you are here-Notice the grass-Notice the sound of the raindrops!etc.
A very good thing to think about it all-to notice it all.
OK_Italy will start to load in tonight-I have 842 pictures to go through-so it may be awhile! Im going thru a battery of medical tests too to find out why I am sick I hope-so will see how fast I can get those up
Thanks to all the Staff at Letters of Joy for making my experience very memorable!


Lisa Walton said...

Can't wait to see your Italy photos as I am going next year as a tutor too.

Plain Jane said...

I want to see the Orvieto photos and hear all about your trip too!!