Monday, May 31, 2010


Lookit this bag o pens from the fabulous Edna Wright! I will be collecting pens ( old or new-just have to work) at the Society for Calligraphy's Annual General Meeting this Sunday( and at the Trash and treasures event the following weekend) BUT if you want to send me a bag-you can fill a priority mail envelope with a LOT of pens-email me and I'll tell you where to send it. These pens will be sent to teachers in ruraL Africa-where the kids will LOVE them! I can also take donations via Paypal for shipping. The Website is it out! Oh and if you donate you will receive a limited edition sticker designed by me!
Heres the scoop from their website....pretty cool charity I think-I am so inspired by this project Ive started to clean out the Whole studio-so much junk I never use! I am loving the cleansing and purging!

The goal of Pens for Kids is to get pens to kids in Africa to assist them with getting an education. To raise standards of living, make informed decisions, and have a greater freedom of choice requires education. The hope for the future in Africa is through education.

The original Pens for Kids idea came from a Danish tourist named Claus Hjomet who visited Kenya and Tanzania and, like most who visit, fell in love with Africa and wanted to help the kids.

In 2008, Linda Schaffer, another safari tourist, wanted to expand the grass-roots project in an effort to reach more kids and develop greater support. She started Pens For Kids International, Inc., a California based non-profit corporation.

Still based exclusively on volunteer work, Pens for Kids has no employees and relies solely on donations of pens and monetary contributions for postage.

Pens for Kids remains free of any political or religious influence, motives of economical or any interests other than helping kids in Africa to get an education.


Renee Troy said...

I love what you are doing Lisa. I believe in paying it forward. I just sent a box filled with unused pens, brushes and paints to my great niece so I know it will be used. However, that leaves me short to send to your cause. I will see what I can come up with.
God bless you!

Elizabeth said...

Well with my kids done with their school year and their lockers cleaned out I have a bunch to send to you!!!!
My brother works and lives in Tanzania teaching folks how to garden right outside the doors to their homes. He has taught them to increase their nutritious crop yields by 800% using only hand made tools and indigenous plants. Between education and good nutrition and some good leadership, Africa has a good chance !I guess that i will need you mailing addy!!!I will get a package out to you asap and I will include some shipping help as well!!
you Rock!!!!

katilady said...

what a great, creative way to help kids! brava!

Anonymous said...

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jademond said...

this is cool. I might join in that, too. great stuff. let's see how many pens i find in my studio, hehe.