Friday, June 18, 2010


ANNOUNCING officially, finally I have stuff on my etsy shop-I just posted for sale 4 new clutches that are hand painted a la Alisa Burke style.( heres a couple pics!) It would be like having art in your pocketbook-PLUS you would be supporting an artist and all good things handmade! so Please check it out-I will be putting more stuff up and having a sale of parallel pens-I also have those sparkly Signo pens for sale-They will be highly featured at my Art Fest class called Pen Addiction-coming in April, 2011-in Port Townsend, WA


Ruth said...

And what's the name of your etsy shop????

curlysusieQ said...

I love the clutches, they are so cool. I would love to attended Art Fest and take your class. It's going to be difficult with two seniors and and 8th grader. Keep your fingers cross.