Saturday, October 2, 2010


The new issue of Somerset's Workshop is now onthe stands-and My Work is featured in it-Theres a cool messenger bag project with step outs, a creative wall hanging, backgrounds explained and an exemplar on Casual Brush Lettering too! Also theres a very nice article from Ruth Rae-some killer black hearts wit words stitched on them. and Pam Carriker is in this magazine too-I like her work. ALSO Ive posted some new pictures on my Flicker account-a local urban art show I went to-and My International Quilt Association Donation quilt for their auction in Houston -my newest painted wallet-and probably some other stuff-Im going to work on new originals for the etsy site! -tonight...maybe... after Dexter?


jademond said...

i really would like to have you teaching in germany. how are chances to get you here?

lisae28 said...

Im all in! I would love to go to Germany! Its so on my list of things I want to do-and teach there too? Perfect! Email me at and I can give you the details!

Sara said...

Congratulations Lisa on being in the latest Somerset publication. Great projects.....I'll pick it up the next time I'm at Barnes & Noble!

Hugs from Tulsa,


jademond said...

lisa, i sent you an email! it would be soo cool if we could plot a plan together.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of Somerset Workshop. The end result turned out great, as you can see. I'm so glad you liked your layout.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Fantastic Lisa. Your work looks beautiful, of course!