Sunday, November 14, 2010


I will be in Seattle for Thanksgiving and my friend, Teesha Moore has offered her awesome Artfest Annex downtown for a short lettering workshop on Saturday. I thought maybe some of you might be interested if you're in that area-it will be super easy and creative-a very short supply list-Here's the info= I would really appreciate any help you could give me to get the word out-this being a last minute spontaneous sort of deal!

Pop Up Lettering Workshop
A quick trip to Seattle and good friends that will give me an awesome space to have a class equals a super fun and easy class. How does simple tools and fun alphabets sound? Just using a regular felt tip pen you can create many variations of cool lettering. We’ll explore simple mono linear alphabets, a Scripty style, no-lift letters that you fill with color,blending and glittery pens. You’ll also learn Sailor Jerry and steampunk-y style tattoo letters that can also be fun “filled”. These letters are good for journals, artwork, cards and correspondence that will knock their socks off. I’ll bring an assortment of my pen stash for you to try. You’ll get a selection of handouts to be inspired. Even if you’ve never picked up a calligraphy pen you will enjoy these fun,free and fancy letters!


Ball-point pens or felt tipped mono linear ( this means NOT a calligraphy pen) pens, Micron, Martha Stewart-whatever you have

Scrap paper-bond paper-anything you may have to write on.

Optional: A couple pieces of watercolor paper at least one hot press and one cold press-torn into workable sizes

Paper scraps you have and want to contribute to community share pile!

If ( and only if) you have a Larger journal ( 9 X 12?) to work in- somewhat better paper inside to take watercolor well-and if it could lie flat-like a spiral bound journal it would be sweet

Optional: Black paper-a pad of strathmore artagain or what you can find 9 X 12

Gel pens and or colored pencils you have, watercolor pencils even better-but only if you have these

DATE- SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27-1:30-4:30-Thanksgiving weekend
LOCATION- THE ARTFEST ANNEX 89 Yesler Way, Seattle 98104
Take a look at the space at
PRICE- $45
Please contact Lisa at



Lisa Engelbrecht is a lettering and mixed media artist and passionately pursues lettering of all types on all surfaces, Lisa teaches workshops and classes internationally specializing in lettering on fabric, experimental lettering and the creative process. She has been on the faculty of ten international lettering conferences and she teaches at collage, quilting and alternative arts conferences nation wide. Lisa is also a freelance lettering artist for American Greetings and she is the author of the best selling book Modern Mark Making, from Classic Calligraphy to Hip Lettering., (Quarry, Publisher) Now in paperback under the name Modern Calligraphy. She is currently developing a graffiti diversion program in her hometown of Long Beach, California

Lisa Engelbrecht

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Renee Troy said...

I'll spread the word...I'll give it to Carol for e-bulletin if you haven't already done so.
Wish I could come...have a great Thanksgiving!