Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I was so honored to accompany Carolyn Canonico to teach at the Sheriffs Leadership Academy in Watts a couple weeks ago. These kids are students at the academy because they have special challenges and are given the opportunity to learn in a unique environment. We taught them basic black letter and they LOVED it! This was such a great chance for me to again realize how my Letterworks Graffiti Diversion program can work in these places. In only two hours these teens did a fantastic job and wanted more of us and lettering-their eyes bugged out when I told them what lettering artists and graphic designers make- hourly-maybe giving them a little thought in the back of their mind of what lettering can lead them to. I have a ton more pics on my flickr site ( scroll past my French boys, thats another post!) I am working on getting this program going in the LBC-Councilman Andrews is a fan and I want this to happen-look for a Kickstarter drive very soon!

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