Friday, July 22, 2011


Two quick but fun sessions at Art Supply Warehouse created these results! I loved meeting new artists and seeing old friends! Its getting to be a habit at Art Supply Warehouse's Catalyst space-I love it-its so close to me and I adore rebecca and all the gang that work there! Go see all the photos at my Flickr site here!

Oh and By the Way -heres a super secret announcement-I'll be teaching back at ASW at the end of August ( actually Saturday, August 27! )-Its the return of Watercolor flowers! I'll be doing two sessions -Beginners in the morning and part two -for those who have taken the class before or people from the morning who want to continue will be in the afternoon. You can sign up now
Art Supply Warehouse is located in Westminster! you can check out their website here and also sign up on line!

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