Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MY TURN! -The great Art Spark Tutorial begins now!


HERE WE GO! I’m going to share with you the super easy way to create cool Experimental initials.

First-using a Micron Pigma pen or any medium point black pen write an initial quickly. Overlap the strokes and get artist-y and sketchy-maybe even don't lift your pen from the paper

Here Ive overlapped the strokes and even gone back over them-creating spots to color in

Using glittery gel pens fill in a couple spots-here i’ve used the super neato Sparkling pens from Signo- you can get them from Jet -or you can order the kit from me below!
Ive used the gold and pink and blended them together

Then onto adding the Signo Angelic colors-these are super opaque and really nice on black as you will see! Ive also added some Stickles dots-any glitter glue will do-but I like the dimensionality of the Stickles! Don't color in every space- you’re looking for a stained glass effect!

Heres the final lets try it on black paper!

Same deal on the letters-as above but Ive used the Sakura Calligrapher gold pen in large size for the strokes part

again the Signo Sparkling is added and blended ( any glittery gels would work just fine here too)

The Signo opaques are added

The final product with the Stickles-Voila!

OK- OK- I know you want to have a kit full of these pens to make your own initials! so Ive packaged them up just for you- This special package contains a Micron Pigma pen, a Gold Calligrapher pen, A Sparkling Pen and an Angelic pen in random colors. You can order this now on my website RIGHT HERE!( where, ahem... you can also order my book that features this technique!) The low price of $ 22 per kit includes shipping and 4 quarter page pieces of Black Art Again paper and 4 Sheets of Bristol paper to begin creating immediately! MY website is right here!


MommaBlackSheep said...

Thanks for this enjoyable and straightforward tutorial.

Jenn Mason said...

beautifully simple!
thanks for sharing! -Jenn

Kwiltsfl said...

Love this tutorial! I had purchased one of your letter sets to color in, but I think I can also apply this tutorial and try to make some of my own! Thanks!

pupton said...

Great tutorial! I love the artsy look of the initials. Must look into those pens!

Bonnie said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for choosing MY initials! Love your book!

Chris said...

What a super tutorial! I can hardly wait to try it - thanks so much! Chris

Alesia Zorn Calligraphy said...

This was inspiring! and now all I want to do is play, so thanks for THAT. ;-)

Lucy said...

Thank you for sharing this simple yet wonderful technique.

TunaFeathers Studio said...

Fantastic Lisa!! Coming to Spokane WA to teach any time soon?

donnarae said...

Lisa, I love these letters! Thank you. I am going to give it a try. --Donna

jademond said...

Lisa, I finally came around to try the lettering with the set I ordered from you. It is soo much fun to doodle around with those letters. Thank you for the inspiration. Can't stop now. Would you mind to show us some examples how to include those doodles into art/mixed media?

Barbara said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing this method. I was sadly lacking in inspiration today and needed to create a very special card for a very special friend. You came to the rescue!