Monday, May 14, 2012

Pigs, Letteristas and Things in Jars!

YES! There are so many things on the Flickr site ( click at the right hand column !) I have to jam them all in to one blog post- But you see Ive been so busy and I want to show you everything! ( There is Yard news coming too-it is completely completed-well its really ongoing but will blog later)

First PIGS! Yes its the Cochinita show at catalyst at Art Supply Warehouse-something like 40 clay pigs were transformed into works of art-a steampunk pig, Tron pig-My Capitalista pig ( above) and you have to see the sausage!

LETTERISTA STYLE ends with a bang-Orange County calligraphers rock-so cool to see their work on my new class Letterista style Script-EVERYONE did so well! This is Steve's work above

Well why not do terrariums too? But of course my son and I are using shoes and teacups and whatever and sold at the Rossmoor fair!

And I have to show you the kids awesome work at Sheriffs Leadership academy-the logo designs are coming along-heres Alexs and Isaac's collab

OK So go now to my FLICKR HERE! and see all the wonders-of course they are not in this order and you may have to scroll a bit -7 PAGES of stuff!

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