Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hello! I know its been awhile-but cray cray summer is happening-getting ready to hit the road soon but I wanted to let you know about this cool deal. ( thats me in the corner....)

This is ripped from my friend Jenn Mason's blog-I am so happy to be included in this fundraiser-so I thought you might want to check it out!

The September/October issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS which features our “We Made This” article is already arriving at reader’s homes. The article is filled with art donated by our 2012 contributing artists and CREATE Art Retreat Instructors (and there are even more pieces on line) to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

The Magazine is very excited to open our Etsy shop! We will officially open on August 28th for your art-shopping pleasure.

Now in the NEW Cloth Paper Scissors!Besides the 41 lovely pieces of art, we will also have a very special collection of Cloth Paper Scissors Pretty In Pink Peerless Watercolors available for $10 a set.

ColorsIf you’ve never been lucky enough to try these watercolors before, let me tell you about them. They were developed by Charles F. Nicholson in 1885 (aka they stand the test of time!). After a lot of research, he developed a color film, or paper leaflet (now called DrySheets)—essentially watercolor paint on paper. 122 years later, the process remains the same. And Chris Mode, only the 4th person to obtain the original formulas, has put together this fantastic set of pinks just for us. The pinks range from purplish pink and magenta to a deep reddish pink hue.

Again, the store officially opens on August 28th. If you stop by now, you’ll see a vacation sign, but you can leave your email so that you receive a message as soon as the store opens. Thanks for your support!

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Marjorie said...

OOOO, cant wait for my copy to arrive!