Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roseburg Oregon Bliss

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my adventures! I must say I  had the best of times when I taught at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association last weekend-I taught Watercolor Florals and Words and wow-the work produced was amazing-why am I still amazed at the incredible quality of work thats produced? I am so so lucky to be there when I see artists get that AHA! moment and gain confidence to take leaps of creativity! I drove down from Seattle where I visited my daughter and the Incredible Sarah. I was so lucky too to have Sarah take care of my hair at the Gary Manuel Salon-she is so talented a stylist-anyone in the Seattle area who needs a wonderful hair person she's the one for you! ( Email me or leave a comment for info on that!) 

 I stayed at Diana Brown's BEAUTIFUL House with her and her hubby Steve -the LA transplants live on a river with huge views of paradise only feet away from their back door. Diana is the ultimate hostess and so organized! You should see her studio! I have tons of pictures on the flickr account( at right) -you'll have to scroll back a bit for Oregon,-without Diana the class would not have happened and I am so grateful to her for all her hard work-I hope to return someday soon! ( Ive put up my local class first which I will be blogging about tomorrow!) 

My dads funeral was yesterday at Riverside National Cemetery and I think he would be proud-he got a 21 gun salute and full military honors finally! Rest in Peace Capt. Engelbrecht-yours was not a perfect life and I think you did the best you could as a father that was at sea half the time

So my life has been as they say cray cray an I m hoping to get back to normal soon-whatever that could mean!


Queen Elisheba said...

I am so happy to have found you! I recently picked up your Modern Calligraphy book at the library and LOVED it! Plan on buying it. Thank you for sharing your work. :D

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