Saturday, December 8, 2012


My Art Spark Tutorial...

The Old manuscripts featured 20 Karat gold initials called Versals-they started the verses! You can easily reproduce these stunning shiny letters.
Here I’ve used my versals from the book Hand Lettering for Crafts by Sandra Salamony- but any intials could work.

Using bright colored or black paper sketch the outline of the initial lightly with a pencil. Then carefully fill it with a small brush and Duo Adhesive. You can get Duo Adhesive from Paper and Ink Arts, ( You can also use Mona Lisa Glue from Michaels but I like the Duo better. You’ll want to fill the initials with a LOT of adhesive-flood it once you do the outline.

Here’s how it looks when you apply the glue. It will be creamy white and cover the paper completely.

Now the hardest part-wait till it drys COMPLETELY CLEAR! During
the drying make sure nothing touches the glue-I always seem to forget and put another paper on top and that wrecks the surface! ( You can just reapply the adhesive if this happens)

                     The letters should look like this when finished drying

Now apply the gold leaf-I find La D’Ore at Michaels and art stores. It comes in many colors and variegated. It is super flimsy and light.

Carefully remove a sheet and place it on the adhesive, using your fingers to get all the nooks and crannies. Remove the excess with a foam brush

                              Using a soft cloth burnish the gold to a dull shine
                                 Voila!! Gold initials ( Or silver or copper)

                                      Here I have made a card using one of the initials

My son and I have put together a kit with all you need to make these initials right away!  It includes a mini jar of Duo Adhesive, ( You can make many initials with this small jar!)  3 sheets of assorted gold leaf, 4 quarter sheets of black Artagain paper, an exemplar of my versals, Small brush, and a foam brush. It is $18 plus $4.95 shipping, please order through my website under the store tab-

                                              thanks for giving my son a little project!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Love This Tutorial Lisa!! XO

MB Shaw said...

Beautiful!! Love it.

Kathleen Chappell said...

Thank you so much for the Calligraphy Class you gave on Tuesday, July 2nd, at the American Gold Star Manor in Long Beach. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am excited about the prospects of getting more instruction and skill in this art. I hope you will be returning here to the Manor soon for another class.
God bless you and thanks again,
Kathleen Chappell
3060 N. Gold Star Drive, Unit 322
Long Beach, CA 90810