Friday, March 1, 2013


This is Vicci Ewens

Joellen Moline

Patti petersons

Always fun -this is our 8th year and I was again so fortunate to be asked to teach-this time-Fabulous Flowers and Romantic Romans. Letters Cal Style is a small conference held in the Pomona hills at Kellogg Conference center at Cal poly Pomona. Only 120 students so classes are capped at 12. Our weather was exceptional this year-Sunny and in the 80s most days!
Anne Doskow!
I had 12 lovely artists who did simply amazing work. It is always so great to see that confidence emerge-so by the time the class is over the art is wonderful. here are some samples!
We had the amazing( dang I use that word a Lot!) Luca Barcellona over from Italy to teach-he was great-and on Sunday he gave a lecture and Chaz Bojorquez came to the dinner and lecture with his lovely wife Christina
Oh I was so excited to sit with them and talk letters and the future of lettering today! so so cool The Society for Calligraphy will be having him speak soon... I iwll def put the info up here. He is the godfather of street lettering here in LA and has a new line coming soon from a famous shoe company.
Luca and Chaz-signing my bok!

Me and Chaz!

So next year I will be back teaching at Letters-this time The Fabric of Memory. a book of hand lettering and momentos, sign up today -more info  on the SfC check out a huge gallery of pics by CC sadler of all the classes that were also there this year-Dont wait and miss out-it will be on Presidents day weekend 2014!

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