Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back to Work!

I sincerely apologize for not posting for 2 whole months! Unfortunately I was in the hospital twice, started an oral chemo treatment and then my brother in law died unexpectedly! What a coupla months! But I am gearing up for a new chapter here-teaching a little bit to get into it again-hopefully starting some new ventures-
I am so blessed and I tahnk all of you who supported me or said a prayer-on ward and upward!
I will post about the upcoming classes soon-tomorrow or the next day? If I write I will be committed
I have been enjoying my garden and petting kitties and savoring each minute-realigning whats important and whats not and I so appreciate your support!
Ugh my photos are not available-will post some irises later!

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Shayna Butler said...

Bless you, what a journey you must be on. I hope it gets better and easier for you soon, but until then I am sending prayers your way! Chemo is certainly no fun, but I hope it does it's job and gets you back to better health!