Friday, June 8, 2007

Exciting and Wonderful News

Well for the second year in a row I'll be in Letter Arts Review Annual-I almost didnt enter because I really didnt have anything new or ( I thought thrilling) to send but I did at the last minute and voila! It is on fabric of course and I will post a pic when i get a photo of it
I SO needed some good news! Its been a tough week-I guess the lesson of this week is that when things go well you really appreciate them more. But it is still hard to go through the hard days.
I got my work in for my book and actually met the first deadline-but the idea I had about vellum overlays for my exemplars jsut got nixed so its back to the drawing board-
I got a wonderful artist to represent in the book-his name is Damon Robinson and he designs for Praise the Lowered-check out his site-Im going to try to post his work here

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