Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend in La Quinta!

So lucky am I! I spent the weekend with my friends CC and Barbara at CC's mom's conference-it was for Kappa Kappa Iota (retired teachers assn)-We stayed at LA Quinta resort-originally a retreat for the wealthy stars-opened in 1926! well we got a beautiful cabana room ...heres some pictures of our private pool with the views of the mountains that surround this resort The resort is HUGE! like 5 golf courses-25 tennis courts-amazing-its now owned by the Waldorf Astoria so everything was top knotch! We taught a little brush workshop-then gelled by the pool-I napped and then w went to dinner at the Cliffhouse-amazing views-great food-almost all of C's family and Barb;s sis Jo came too! I then went to the PAlm Springs street fair-held every thursday-4 blocks long, at night so its cooler-produce, art, crafts, wonderful music and those soft beautiful warm nights!!AND it was almoet a full moon! SO beautiful!! Hard to come back home!!

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