Thursday, October 25, 2007


The fires are somewhat subsiding-a great thing happened-I heard from so many people that were concerned about me. I had to laugh a bit because all we had to go through was some smoke and soot-That is nothing compared to what somepeople lost. It makes you think about the big picture though.
I wanted to tell you more about Seattle -and yet Im so thrashed today_im getting ready for the Quilt show-Only four classes to prepare for AND Open Studio twice at Make It U-Quilting Arts Booth AND mixed Media Miscellany-whatever that will be.
Got my Somerset Studio today-My Angels are featured ! I have to laugh because that is so unlike me to work on dolls. You just never know where this life leads you-I have been reading Eat Pray Love ( like the rest of the world!) and she mentioned that life is one half destiny and one half choice-I kinda like that
That book is really echoing my life exactly-so closely its spooky! I was just asked to teach in Italy by Kristi Steiner-I am so absolutely over the moon-three weeks in Italy!??!! ( we're still thinking about the dates) I expect next the universe will put me in touch with my guru soon ( this is a Eat Pray Love inside joke!)

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